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Enjin Surges After Microsoft Collaboration

Ivan on Tech220 views10 months ago
The price of Enjin has surged over 50% in the past few days and the main reason is the collaboration with Microsoft. The project is called Azure Heroes, and it is meant as a show of apprecia...

How Will the Halving Affect Bitcoin Miners?

Bitcoin.com302 views11 months ago conducted interviews with various Bitcoin miners to gauge their outlook on the upcoming halving event which will take place in May 2020 and it will reduce the mined blocks in half. Th...

150% Surge Expected for Bitcoin

Crypto Daily280 views1 year ago
Crypto Daily talks about the history of Bitcoin surges during bull markets and believes there's a 150% surge on the horizon. Probably.

Bitcoin Surge Explained

Cointelegraph235 views1 year ago
Cointelegraph hosts Nicholas from DataDash and asks him to explain the reasons behind the Bitcoin surge that took place in the last few days.

Libra Coin, Bitcoin Surge on the Horizon? Ripple News

Altcoin Buzz294 views1 year ago
Billy from Altcoin Buzz talks about the biggest news of the day - Libra coin and how it will (not) affect other coins. He then talks about Ripple partnering with MoneyGram and about a potential s...

Energi Ready To Surge, Review

Chico Crypto182 views1 year ago
Tyler talks about Energi, an altcoin that is due to explode in popularity. Energi's goal is worldwide adoption, as its core objective is to bring the cryptocurrency to the masses and to ...

A Bitcoin Resurgence is Imminent

CNBC Television317 views1 year ago
The CNBC Traders explain what is driving the new Bitcoin resurgence. They believe that in a 2-year timeframe we are going to see a big upswing and reach new all-time highs.

Whale Pumps Bitcoin, Bloomberg Hates Crypto, Elon Loves Doge, Paypal Blockchain Investment.

Crypto Zombie184 views1 year ago
K-Dub talks about the recent Bitcoin pump which was mostly caused by a Whale, compares it to the 2017 $5k price mark, Brian Kelly believes Bitcoin will hit $6k soon. Bloomberg still hates on crypto wh...

Crypto Still Surging, Bitcoin TA, Ripple on Coinbase, Boss Crypto Platform

Altcoin Buzz288 views1 year ago
Mattie talks about the crypto market that is surging right now, the Coinbase announcement regarding Ripple and its stablecoin USDC being chosen to make "ultra-speedy" transactions with no fe...

Bitcoin Charts Flatlining... Vertically

Crypto Daily224 views1 year ago
Bitcoin managed to punch through three resistance levels in a couple of hours, the volume is rising astronomically as well. Ethereum managed to break the $150 mark too. Looks like a good start to...