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Bitcoin Storm Brewing?

Chico Crypto105 views8 months ago
Tyler believes a major Bitcoin storm is brewing and the reason behind it is Donald Trump. Trump made his negative feelings towards the Bitcoin public, however, members of his cabinet don't share h...

How Can Governments Kill Bitcoin?

sunny decree180 views8 months ago
Currently, we have the lowest interest rate in the last 5,000 years and there are no real solutions to it besides Bitcoin. Sunny decree talks about the threat that Bitcoin poses to governments and ...

Dushan Spalevich Interviews John McAfee

iBlock. TV225 views9 months ago
Dushan Spalevich went to Barcelona to meet with John McAfee. Throughout the interview, they talked about various topics regarding cryptocurrency and state governments.

US Banning Bitcoin in 2020?

Ivan on Tech200 views9 months ago
Ivan discusses the probability of the US government banning Bitcoin next year. He also talks about the profits of Binance in Q3.

Bitcoin Should be Illegal!?

Crypto Daily243 views1 year ago
Some people in the US Government think Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) should be illegal and banned. Those same people are afraid that cryptocurrencies will slowly take over t...

Government-Issued Money Based Cryptocurrencies Will Grow in Popularity, says Circle CEO

CNBC Television161 views1 year ago
Jeremy Allaire, the Circle CEO, discussed the recent surge in Bitcoin price and what effects might government-issued fiat-based cryptocurrencies have on our lives. Bitcoin, as non-sovereign ...

Bitcoin Price Analysis, McAfee Will Bury the Government

DataDash207 views1 year ago
Nicholas from DataDash analyzes the recent price movements of Bitcoin, which is steadily hovering around the $8,000 price mark. He also talks about the recent statement made by John McAfee in which he...

U.S. Government Wants to Ban Crypto

sunny decree187 views1 year ago
Congressman Bradley Sherman proposed a bill to ban cryptocurrencies. He wants to make buying of cryptocurrencies illegal because they can be used to facilitate various illegal activities. He...

Winklevoss: "Crypto is at a Tipping Point", Tim Draper on Government

Ivan on Tech133 views1 year ago
The Winklevoss twins were leading a discussion at the SXSW conference, the twins talked about how regulation can lead to growth, the increasing interest in crypto, how the crypto winter has affec...

Hester Pierce on the SEC, Argentinian Government Investing in Crypto, Binance Opening Exchange in Argentina

Thinking Crypto220 views1 year ago
SEC commissioner Hester Peirce and former CFTC chairman Gary Gensler were discussing the state of the crypto the recent Mit Bitcoin Expo event and how it can positively impact the ...