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Will Bitcoin Hold the 61.8 Support?

Kevin Svenson197 views1 month ago
Kevin explains why the general set up shouldn't be affected as long as Bitcoin price stays above the 61.8 support, currently situated at $7,300. If BTC, however, drops under this support, we ...

Is Energi a Gold Mine?

Altcoin Daily254 views4 months ago
Altcoin Daily reviews the last year of work on Energi. They assess its yearly performance and discuss whether it is a sleeping giant.

Bitcoin is Failing as Digital Gold?

sunny decree209 views5 months ago
Many people believed Bitcoin would thrive in the current market and institutional money would be joining in but that is not the case. Sunny decree discusses the situation and makes a few good poi...

Interview with Dan Tapiero About Bitcoin, Gold and Investing

Real Vision Finance195 views5 months ago
Dan Tapiero, the co-founder of Gold Bullion International, explains what is Bitcoin. To say the least, Bitcoin is hard to understand. Everyone has a unique definition of it. Dan Tapiero spent 500...

Peter Schiff, Crypto Sceptic, Donates Bitcoin

Kitco NEWS171 views5 months ago
Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, has a negative opinion about Bitcoin, stating that it is an “overhyped, digital nothing”. He recently donated some BTC which fueled the ...

Bitcoin and Gold Are Useless Collectibles, Cuban Says

Kitco NEWS170 views5 months ago
In an interview with Kitco News, Mark Cuban, a prominent investor and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, talks about Bitcoin and gold being useless investments. He explains his position and ...

Bitcoin vs Argentine Peso, Goldman Sachs Comments

sunny decree182 views5 months ago
Sunny decree talks about the Argentinian Peso and how it fared over the years when compared to Bitcoin. After that, he moves on to the Goldman Sachs' Bitcoin-related comments and pr...

Goldman Sachs is Bullish on Bitcoin

Cointelegraph259 views5 months ago
Goldman Sachs latest analysis shows that they're bullish on Bitcoin. Eric Crown comments on their analysis, analyzes the latest price movements of Bitcoin and more.

There is Room for Both Gold and Bitcoin

DataDash172 views5 months ago
Nicholas Merten analyzes the recent price movements of Bitcoin at the start of the video. After that, he proceeds to discuss the topic of Gold vs Bitcoin and explains why there is room for both.

Why some investors are turning to bitcoin and gold as a 'safe haven'

CNBC Television139 views5 months ago
Bitcoin is up almost 15% in the past week as some investors are considering turning to the world's largest cryptocurrency and gold as safe haven. The correlation between gold and Bitcoin is undeni...