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Bitcoin's Secret Weapon is a Market Collapse?

Crypto Daily288 views1 year ago
Crypto daily discusses why Bitcoin's secret weapon is a world-wide market collapse. Bitcoin is different from other safe-haven assets, such as precious metals and reserve currencies. So what ...

Ray Dalio Predicts a "Black Swan" Event in 2020

Ivan on Tech145 views1 year ago
Ray Dalio published a new post on LinkedIn about the current state of the economy and why he believes there will be a Black Swan - an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected ...

Oil Crisis Imminent? What Could this Mean for Crypto?

Ivan on Tech230 views2 years ago
Ivan is joined by CryptoLark and together they talk about the current situation with oil and whether the ongoing crisis could lead to a global recession and what that would mean for crypto.

Humanitarian Disaster in Argentina

Ivan on Tech239 views2 years ago
Ivan talks about the crisis that is going on in Argentina and explains why is Bitcoin so important for them at this time. After that, he talks about Tether and XRP.

Is Bitcoin About to Explode Amid Fiat Currency Crisis?

Crypto Daily137 views2 years ago
Fiat currencies are in a crisis, especially Asian ones. Is the Chinese Yuan going to collapse? Altcoins are in a crisis as well if you look at the charts in Bitcoin price, although alts are holdi...

European Banking Crisis, Bitcoin $100k Bubble?

Ivan on Tech289 views2 years ago
Ivan addresses the problem of various European banks nosediving in value and how this trend could affect Bitcoin. Also, Christine Lagarde, who is very crypto-friendly, has been nominated to ...

Crypto Financial Crisis

CNBC Television1338 views2 years ago
Cryptocurrencies got crushed. Meltem Demirors of Coinshares on whether the crypto markets are in crisis. What should holders do now?