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Bitcoin Halving Date Update

sunny decree243 views1 month ago
Sunny decree checked a couple of sites for the Bitcoin halving countdown and they all had different data. Eventually, he calculated the time to the halving himself in just a few easy steps. He&nb...

Bitcoin Bouncing Back, European Central Bank Currency and SEC Updates

Ivan on Tech132 views3 months ago
Bitcoin has bounced off the $6,600 support level back up over the $7,000 mark in the last 24 hours. The SEC has proposed changes to the accreditor investing system which will help individuals inv...

Bitcoin Hit Bottom? Googlbe Bank, Ethereum Istanbul Update

Ivan on Tech230 views3 months ago
Ivan talks about three main topics today: Bitcoin bottoming out, the Google Bank launch and the Ethereum Istanbul update. The most interesting story might be the Google Bank project - Cache, a ch...

Is the Bitcoin Bounce just a Deception?

Chico Crypto283 views4 months ago
Tyler from Chico Crypto tries his hand at a Bitcoin price prediction over the weekend, filming the video on Friday but releasing it on Monday. His prediction was mostly correct but exaggerated a bit o...

Charles Hoskinson's Update on Balance Check

Charles Hoskinson176 views4 months ago
Many users had some questions about the upcoming Balance Check on Cardano and Charles Hoskinson made a video clearing some misconceptions and explaining the inner workings of the new system.&nbsp...

Chico Crypto Portfolio Update

Chico Crypto242 views4 months ago
Are you interested to know which coins Tyler from Chico Crypto is holding? In this video, he gives us an update on his portfolio holdings. The portfolio consists primarily of Chainlink, Bitcoin, Ether...

Ethereum Update is Getting Closer

Chico Crypto261 views5 months ago
Ethereum's proof of stake and the Beacon chain launch are getting closer by the day. Tyler explains what the update is about.

Vitalik Buterin Explains Ethereum 2.0

MaxDapp254 views6 months ago
MaxDapp brings us the most important points about Ethereum 2.0 as explained by Vitalik Buterin at the Deconomy conference!

Bitcoin Passes Resistance With Ease, Libra Update

Ivan on Tech131 views8 months ago
Ivan discusses how Bitcoin smashed resistance levels with ease and compares it to gold. He also talks about why Bitcoin grows 25x faster compared to traditional assets and then he moves...

The Top 10 Revisited, Justin Sun and Warren Buffet, Google Update Hurts Crypto Sites

Doug Polk Crypto117 views9 months ago
Doug Polk examines the top 10 cryptocurrencies of the last few years. He finds out that besides the top 3 spots, the crypto landscape has undergone drastic changes. He talks about Justin Sun winn...