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The Orange Man Tweets About Bitcoin

Crypto Daily112 views4 days ago
Trump is not a fan of Bitcoin and while what he says about it is technically true, he is mistaken about the larger context. Trump sees BTC as a threat, but there are far bigger threats to the US econo...

Trump Destroying the USD?

Chico Crypto138 views4 days ago
After doing an authentic voiceover of Trump's negative tweet regarding Bitcoin, Tyler discusses how this event will probably end up negatively impacting the US Dollar and not Bitcoi...

Bitcoin Moving to $9k or $14k Next?

Ivan on Tech201 views1 week ago
Ivan discusses the possibilities of Bitcoin moving to $9,000 or $14,000 with the help of the history price charts. He also talks about Trump's latest tweet about Bitcoin.

Trump's Tweet About Bitcoin, Fed Chairman Confirming BTC as a Store of Value

sunny decree112 views1 week ago
Donald J. Trump tweeted about Bitcoin in a negative way but the tweet didn't affect the price at all. Also, the Chairman of the Fed talked about Bitcoin, went as far as calling it a store of ...

The Perfect Storm in Bitcoin?

Ivan on Tech160 views2 weeks ago
Ivan talks about the possibility of Bitcoin hitting $20,000 in July, the perfect storm for Bitcoin and its correlation with Donald Trump. He also explains how whales manipulate the market.

Crypto Influencers Are Getting Spicy

Crypto Daily111 views1 month ago
Big names in crypto (and outside of it) are getting rowdy. A bet that has been made between Roger Ver and Tone Vays, Novogratz has said that Trump is playing a big role in the adoption of crypto....

Trump is Helping Bitcoin, Coinbase and Visa News

Altcoin Daily213 views3 months ago
Trump is unknowingly helping Bitcoin by appointing pro-Bitcoin staff in high ranking positions, bashing US Central Bank's financial policies, and by exposing their political biases.  ...