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Bybit 100 BTC Trading Contest

sunny decree290 views6 days ago
Bybit is hosting the biggest trading competition in history with a prize pool that totals 100 Bitcoin.

Bitsonar Trading Bot Review

Crypto Fiend270 views3 weeks ago
Crypto fiend tried out the Bitsonar trading bot. Watch his in-depth review!

Binance Futures Tutorial

sunny decree297 views4 weeks ago
Sunny decree explains step by step how to leverage trade Bitcoin on the Binance's Futures platform.

Crypto Trading Added to the SoFi Platform

CNBC Television117 views1 month ago
The CEO of SoFi, Anthony Noto, announced that they are launching crypto trading on their platform. Currently, they're listing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin with more coins soon to follow.

Are "Boring" Trade Markets the Most Profitable Indicators for Bitcoin?

Crypto Daily275 views1 month ago
Crypto Daily talks about the current state of the market and why markets being boring is, in fact, a positive indicator for Bitcoin's value.

Hong Kong Trading Bitcoin Like Crazy

Altcoin Daily254 views1 month ago
Protests in Hong Kong are causing people to withdraw money from ATMs at a very high rate, which in some cases led to ATMs running out of cash. It looks like Hongkongers are increasingly...

Most Stupid Crypto Trading Mistakes

CryptoJack250 views2 months ago
Crypto Jack talks about the most common and often stupid mistakes investors should avoid when trading crypto. The list includes no stop-loss, trading with too much money, and more. 

Is Bitcoin Leverage Trading Gambling?

sunny decree218 views3 months ago
Sunny decree discusses the topic of Bitcoin leverage trading and whether it could be considered gambling. He compares it to poker and presents some good arguments.

How Leverage and Margin Trading Works

Filip Martinsson146 views3 months ago
Filip Martinsson thoroughly explains how leverage and margin trading mechanisms work in crypto.

PukkaMEX Review and Interview

Ivan on Tech127 views4 months ago
Ivan reviews PukkaMEX, a platform for leveraged trading. After a thorough review, he conducts an interview with PukkaMEX's CEO.