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Ivan's Interview With Cardano

Ivan on Tech100 views4 months ago
The Cardano team, consisting of CEO Charles Hoskinson and two developers working on the Plutus project, joined  Ivan for a lengthy interview. Plutus provides an execution plat...

What is 5G and How it Will Affect Crypto?

Ivan on Tech116 views4 months ago
Ivan discusses 5G technology. First, he goes explains the history of the technology and what it brought to the market and after that, he discusses what it means for the crypto market.

Reasons to Stay Positive About Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Crypto Bobby249 views5 months ago
In this video, Bobby from Crypto Bobby discusses a few reasons why he believes we should stay positive about cryptocurrencies blockchain technology. More and more companies such as Fidelity, JPMo...

FUD Surrounding Crypto Markets, Regulations, Technology, and Finance

Altcoin Buzz125 views5 months ago
In this video, Mattie from Altcoin Buzz talks about different FUD rumors that are spread through the crypto space. FUD abbreviation is made when someone is spreading Fear, Uncertainty, ...

Alibaba Considering Blockchain Technology

Altcoin Buzz132 views5 months ago
In this video, Mattie from Altcoin Buzz talks about Tron's account numbers achievement. Tron just exceeded two million accounts. Also, Fidelity has rolled out their cryptocurrency custody and...

Everything There is to Know about MimbleWimble Technology, and How it Can Improve Bitcoin

Altcoin Buzz209 views6 months ago
Zack talks about the new technology that is planned to be implemented on Bitcoin, called MimbleWimble. There are already two new cryptocurrencies, Grin and Beam, that are getting a lot of at...

Is MimbleWimble the Next Revolutionary Technology?

DataDash209 views7 months ago
Nicholas from DataDash talks about the new technology called Mimblewimble. He gives a complete summary about the project and also shares his opinion about it. Watch this video to learn more about&n...

What is the New Bitcoin Technology Dandelion?

Ivan on Tech309 views7 months ago
In this video, Ivan talks about the new BTC technology Dandelion. Dandelion is a technology that aims to bring more privacy to the BTC network by hiding which node initially propagated a transact...

Crucial Technology (DEXes) Going Into 2019

Ivan on Tech123 views7 months ago
In this video, Ivan on Tech discusses decentralized exchanges, one of the most important blockchain technology innovations that need to happen in 2019, and why no one is using decentralized excha...

PayPal Could be Using Blockchain Technology in the Future

Altcoin Buzz135 views8 months ago
Mattie from Altcoin Buzz talks about the possibility that Paypal will be using blockchain technology, while also covering some of the recent news.Watch this video to learn more about the recent news.