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Christine Lagarde on Stablecoins

sunny decree242 views11 months ago
Sunny decree talks about the latest statement coming from Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, about stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin. Sunny believes that sta...

Bitcoin Dumps After Bakkt Futures Launch

Chico Crypto213 views1 year ago
With the launch of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures we expected Bitcoin to jump up in price but in fact, the opposite happened. What will follow next? Chico Crypto explores various possible scenarios.

Tether Issued a New Stable Coin

Boxmining270 views1 year ago
Tether issued a new stable coin pegged to the Chinese Yuan. That may have been a mistake because no one knows how will the Chinese government react to the news and the potential influx of new Chinese ...

Major Countries Dropping Dollar, Binance Stable Coin?

Ivan on Tech178 views1 year ago
In this episode of Good Morning Crypto, Ivan talks about India and Russia dumping the US dollar in favor of their own currencies. He discusses why such a measure was taken and what does it mean f...

New Yearly High for Bitcoin, Cardano, Maker, Binance News

Altcoin Buzz103 views1 year ago
Billy from Altcoin Buzz talks about the surge in price for Bitcoin and hitting a new yearly high. Cardano launched staking testnet with the Shelley upgrade, MEW integrated MakerDAO, Binance DEX listed...

More Bitcoin Dips on the Way? Binance and McAfee News

Altcoin Buzz140 views1 year ago
Mattie from Altcoin Buzz talks about the recent plunge in the price of Bitcoin and the reason behind it. He wonders whether this will be the last dip or will we see more. In other news, Binance i...

Bitfinex Masked Missing Millions With Tether Reserves!

sunny decree154 views1 year ago
Apparently, the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has masked $850 million by using Tether reserves, which probably led to a decrease of Bitcoin's price.

Stablecoins Thoroughly Explained

DataDash285 views1 year ago
Nicholas discusses the topic of stablecoins. He starts off by explaining what are stablecoins but he also dives deeper into the subject matter and offers his insight into different stab...

Crypto Still Surging, Bitcoin TA, Ripple on Coinbase, Boss Crypto Platform

Altcoin Buzz288 views1 year ago
Mattie talks about the crypto market that is surging right now, the Coinbase announcement regarding Ripple and its stablecoin USDC being chosen to make "ultra-speedy" transactions with no fe...

What is MakerDAO and How to Participate in its System

Chico Crypto296 views1 year ago
Tyler explains what is the MakerDAO Project, how can you borrow the stablecoin, the payback terms, withdrawal terms and so on. Watch the video to learn more about MakerDAO!