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The Only Rule in Crypto

1thousandx245 views1 month ago
Buy only the top!

Gotta Cash'em All Song

Jason Paige111 views1 month ago
Gotta Cash'em All song by Jason Paige, the original Pokemon theme singer.

When Moon? Song

The Crypto Bubble146 views1 month ago
When Moon? Song by Lil Bubble. A hilarious cover of Mad World.

Is This Pump Real or Fake?

Chico Crypto237 views3 months ago
Tyler discusses whether the Bitcoin pump that is going on right now is real or it's just a consequence of people FOMO-ing. Also, there's a beautiful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody in the video...

Should I Buy Back Song

1thousandx245 views4 months ago
Is it time to buy back? Is the bear market over? Is my wife coming back? Who knows, but in the meantime, listen to this masterpiece.

Bitcoin to Moon Song

1thousandx273 views4 months ago
Novogratz is bullish while Tone Vays is bearish. Bitcoin, please go to the moon.

Bitcoin We're in Love Song

Jason Saulnier Music248 views5 months ago
This song was featured in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in the "Do Not Play This Song" segment. The "Bitcoin we're in love" song is performed by Jason Saulni...

Bitconnect Remix Song (feat. Carlos Matos)

Dylan Locke1768 views8 months ago
One of the most recognizable crypto remix songs is about the exit scam coin Bitconnect. It features Carlos Matos's speech from the Bitconnect Annual Ceremony, along with the famous ...