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Bitcoin's Secret Weapon is a Market Collapse?

Crypto Daily288 views3 months ago
Crypto daily discusses why Bitcoin's secret weapon is a world-wide market collapse. Bitcoin is different from other safe-haven assets, such as precious metals and reserve currencies. So what ...

Bitcoin Bouncing Back, European Central Bank Currency and SEC Updates

Ivan on Tech132 views5 months ago
Bitcoin has bounced off the $6,600 support level back up over the $7,000 mark in the last 24 hours. The SEC has proposed changes to the accreditor investing system which will help individuals inv...

Best Kept Bitcoin Secrets?

Crypto Daily188 views6 months ago
Crypto Daily lists the top 3 Bitcoin secrets that you very well might have never heard of. These secrets include technical analysis, sentiment analysis and how derivatives are driving the value o...

What's Going On With Bitcoin, SEC and the ETF?

Crypto Daily211 views8 months ago
Crypto Daily talks about the recent news regarding Bitcoin and its ETF, SEC, and institutional adoption.

Jay Clayton, SEC Chairman on the Bitcoin ETF

CNBC Television138 views8 months ago
CNBC hosted an interview with Jay Clayton, the Chairman of the SEC and one of the topics was the Bitcoin ETF. Watch the video to learn more!

Bitcoin ETF on the Horizon

sunny decree145 views8 months ago
The chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton, said that progress is being made in the crypto space to allow a Bitcoin ETF.

SEC Goes After Crypto Influencers

Chico Crypto204 views8 months ago
Tyler from Chico Crypto talks about SEC cracking down on crypto influencers. He lists the rules influencers have to abide by and explains in what ways they could be punished.

Parsiq Review and Interview

Ivan on Tech220 views8 months ago
Ivan reviews the Parsiq project and interviews Anatoly from the Parsiq team. Parsiq brings new solutions to blockchain monitoring and compliance. Parsiq is a universal blockchain parsing and moni...

Why are Security Tokens Important?

Security Token Academy265 views9 months ago
Amy Wan from Security Token Academy is joined by Alon Goren from Goren Holm Ventures. They discuss the topic of security tokens, their role in the market, why are they important and their current stat...

US Secretary of the Treasury Defending Cash vs Bitcoin

sunny decree203 views10 months ago
Steven Mnuchin, the US secretary of the treasury, fails miserably in his defense of fiat against Bitcoin, saying that fiat money does NOT get laundered. Sunny also talks about...