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Roger Ver (Crypto, Entrepreneurship, and Adoption)

DataDash240 views1 week ago
In this interview and discussion video, Nicholas talks to Roger Ver the CEO of and a long-time advocate for cryptocurrencies. They talk about Roger's origins and how he's...

Doug Polk On Bitcoin Cash Fork, Tether Drop, Crypto Youtubers Career

Doug Polk Crypto275 views1 week ago
In this video, Doug Polk talks about the recent Tether drop all the way down to $0.92 and the reasons why it might have happened. He's also very (un)happy about Tron, he describes the BCC Fork in ...

Roger Vers Prediction From 2011

wwwmemorydealerscom177 views2 weeks ago
In this video from 2011, Roger Ver predicted that Bitcoin will outperform the Gold, Silver and Stock market by 100x times, meaning if any of those markets got up by 100% Bitcoin will be up by 10,000%....

Bitcoin Not Made For Payments? Roger Ver Responds

Bitcoin.com205 views2 weeks ago
In this video, Roger Ver goes over Dan Hedls tweets about BTC, that it was not created for payments but was mainly built to be a store of value. Ver completely disagrees with Hedls stat...

Roger Ver Discusses Why John McAfee Fled the Country

Bitcoin.com120 views2 weeks ago
Roger Ver has an open discussion with Corbin Fraser and Gabriel Cardona, where they talk about John McAfee and why he fled the country. They also talk about some recent news that covers Bitcoin C...

Deconomy Interview With Roger Ver and Samson Mow About Bitcoin Scalability

Deconomy272 views3 weeks ago
In this video, Jeff Paik is joined by Roger Ver and Samson Mow in an interview about the possibility of BTC scaling. The debate became heated with Mow defending Bitcoin scalability and Ver saying...

Interview with Roger Ver

Ivan on Tech262 views2 months ago
Ivan interviews Roger Ver about various topics, such as BCH in general, the lawsuit, BCH Fork, Craig Wright, XRP and the future coin for economic freedom.

Roger Ver and Daniel Kelman Discussion After the Recent Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

Bitcoin.com1340 views2 months ago
Roger Ver and Daniel Kelman discuss what happened after November 15th during the Bitcoin Cash upgrade.

Roger Ver Shares Some Thoughts on the Recent Bitcoin Cash Fork

Bitcoin.com1251 views2 months ago
Roger Ver speaks about the last Bitcoin Cash fork that will happen on November 15th.

Interview with Roger Ver: CEO of

Crypt01302 views6 months ago
In this video Crypt0 has an interview with Roger Ver. In the interview they talk about the start of cryptocurrency, BCH, XRP and more.