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Found 21 results Listing a Scam? Help BTC!

sunny decree228 views10 months ago recently listed HEX, which many people believe is a scam and it's getting a lot of publicity, seemingly for nothing positive at all. Sunny wants users to more actively support Bit...

Bitcoin Cash Could Go Up 1000x Says Roger Ver

CNBC Television217 views10 months ago
Roger Ver was a guest on CNBC's Power Lunch where he was asked about cryptocurrencies in general, Bitcoin and of course Bitcoin Cash. He stated that BCH could go up a 1000x from where it is now.

The Satoshi Roundtable Exposed

Chico Crypto229 views10 months ago
Tyler exposes the members of the Satoshi's Roundtable, a secret event for the crypto elite where most prominent individuals in crypto meet at an undisclosed location without any media be...

Roubini and Roger Ver Debate at the CC Forum

Bitcoin.com102 views11 months ago
Is crypto really dead? Is there no one using it? Check the debate between Roger Ver and Nouriel "Mr. Doom" Roubini that took place at the CC Forum.

Roger Ver Rap

Proof of Rap194 views1 year ago
Proof of Rap cut a "few" clips of Roger Ver and put them together to make a rap track.

Why Will Bitcoin Continue to Grow and Why $1M is not Ridiculous

Aimstone215 views1 year ago
Aimstone begins the segment with a brief summary of Bitcoin's history. He talks about the starting value of $0.01, the 10,000 BTC pizza and then moves on to general price predictions by ...

Crypto Influencers Are Getting Spicy

Crypto Daily111 views1 year ago
Big names in crypto (and outside of it) are getting rowdy. A bet that has been made between Roger Ver and Tone Vays, Novogratz has said that Trump is playing a big role in the adoption of crypto....

Roger Ver Partners With Monarch

Crypto Beadles158 views1 year ago
Crypto Beadles talks about Roger Ver partnering with Monarch and after that, he proceeds to conduct an interview with Ver. They talk about the Monarch Wallet, the future of Bitcoin Cash and of Si...

Roger Ver Interview With MMCrypto

MMCrypto164 views1 year ago
In this interview, Roger Ver is asked about the current state of the market, which coins he likes besides Bitcoin Cash, if there will be any new ICO's on BCC, the MimbleWimble privacy feature and ...

Roger Ver on the Alex Jones Show

FloydAnderson295 views1 year ago
In this video, Alex Jones interviews Roger Ver on his Show. They talk about Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. They also have viewers calling in and ask Roger Ver some questions, but most of ...