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Bitcoin Market Discussion Between Traders

Alessio Rastani103 views11 months ago
Traders and analysts Alessio Rastani and Charlie Burton discuss the current state of the Bitcoin market and share their views on how the marketplace is going to evolve going forward. Both investo...

Global Recession Getting Closer, Where Will Bitcoin End?

Chico Crypto237 views1 year ago
Tyler from Chico Crypto predicts that a recession by 2020 is inevitable and some experts share his opinion. But the question remains - what will happen to Bitcoin amidst the upcoming chaos?

Oil Crisis Imminent? What Could this Mean for Crypto?

Ivan on Tech230 views1 year ago
Ivan is joined by CryptoLark and together they talk about the current situation with oil and whether the ongoing crisis could lead to a global recession and what that would mean for crypto.

FED Warns About Recession

Ivan on Tech300 views1 year ago
In this episode of Good Morning Crypto, Ivan talks about the FED, the fake growth in the stock market, Vitalik Buterin and Decentralized Finance. Watch the video to learn more about those topics!

Millennials Will Be Screwed When the Next Recession Hits

Chico Crypto103 views1 year ago
Tyler from Chico Crypto talks about how hard will the next recession hit Millenials given their relative inability to accumulate wealth when compared to previous generations.

Is A Recession Really Inevitable?

DataDash104 views1 year ago
Nicholas from DataDash explains why an economic recession is inevitable. He talks about the history of finance, stock markets, interest rates, federal reserve, and more.

Can Bitcoin Survive a Recession?

Filip Martinsson203 views1 year ago
Filip Martinsson poses the question about the possibility of Bitcoin surviving a global economic recession. He presents, in his opinion, the two most likely scenarios that could play out. 

How Would a Recession Impact Bitcoin?

Alessio Rastani270 views1 year ago
Alessio Rastani discusses with Zak Mir how would a recession impact Bitcoin. Their points are opposite so we get both sides of reasoning why it would be good or bad.