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QuadrigaCX Cold Storage Wallets Empty, DX.Exchange Adds ETF

Ivan on Tech300 views1 month ago
QuadrigaCX cold storage wallets were empty months before the death of the CEO. Almost 650,000 ETH worth over $100 million, ware transferred to Kraken, Bitfinex and Poloniex. Watch the video ...

Could Bitcoin Replace Cash?

Crypto Zombie277 views1 month ago
In this video, K-Dub from Crypto Zombie gives a short update on the current market. He also talks about the possibility of the collapse of cash, which could be replaced with Bitcoi...

Venezuela Launches Crypto Remittance Services

DataDash108 views1 month ago
Nicholas talks about the latest news about Venezula and their new crypto remittance services that will use Bitcoin and Litecoin. This affected Bitcoin demand in Venezuela to hit an all-time high....

Bitcoin Possibly Stealing Altcoin Profits

Crypto Zombie199 views1 month ago
In this video, K-Dub talks about the current market movement and what can we expect to follow. Beside some basic technical analysis, he also talks about the recent Altcoin movements, where some of the...

What is Currently Preventing Another Bull Run?

Crypto Zombie198 views2 months ago
Dub-K from Crypto Zombie talks about how Bitcoin futures could be preventing another bitcoin bull run like the one we experienced in 2017. He also talks about the recent news about Apple iChain, ...

Bullish Indicator Shows that Bitcoin Could Make a Big Move in the Next Days

Crypto Zombie259 views2 months ago
Is Bitcoin ready to make a massive move? Dub-K talks about one indicator that no one is talking about which could indicate we are near the bottom. He also covers the Brian Kelly interview, and ot...

Quadriga Lost Another $500,000

Bloxlive268 views2 months ago
The Quadriga CX Exchange lost another $500,000 by sending 103 Bitcoins by mistake to the Quadriga cold wallets which the company is currently unable to access. 

J.P. Morgan Created a Cryptocurrency Called JPM Coin, Could This Affect Ripple?

Crypto Zombie271 views2 months ago
The banking giant J.P. Morgan Chase has created a cryptocurrency called the JPM Coin that will be incorporated in the company’s wholesale payments system, and by doing so t will be very int...

Bear Market, Quadriga CX Scandal, Hosho Layoffs

Crypt0235 views2 months ago
In this video, Crypt0 talks about the recent Bear Market, the longest one to date, the Quadriga CX CEO, did he really die or it is an elaborate scam and the recent downsizing of Hosho to only 7 employ...

Facebook Blockchain Acquisition, QuadrigaCX Scandal

Ivan on Tech278 views2 months ago
In this video, Ivan talks about the recent Facebook acquisition of a blockchain startup - Chainspace which is a clear sign of Facebook's ambition to join the blockchain industry. Facebook did...