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$100k Bitcoin in 2019?

sunny decree174 views1 week ago
Sunny decree and his community made a "meme" wave theory (similar to the Elliot Wave theory) whose goal was to predict the rate at which Bitcoin has to move in order to reach $100,...

What's Next For Bitcoin? Ubisoft Enters Crypto Gaming With Ethereum

Ivan on Tech218 views3 weeks ago
In this episode of Good Morning Crypto, Ivan once again hosts Eric Krown and together they discuss the so-called Elliot wave theory and where Bitcoin is headed to next. After that, Ivan talks abo...

Bitcoin Technical Analysis (Jun 17, 2019), Energi Review

DataDash138 views1 month ago
Nicholas from DataDash analyzes the latest price movements of Bitcoin and discusses what triggered the latest rally. He also reviews the Energi project. 

Types of Crypto Investors

Crypto Daily185 views1 month ago
Crypto Daily showcases different types of crypto investors: the chart guy, the holder, and the recent investor. Descriptions of each type are pretty much spot on.

Matic Network Review and Price Prediction

The Crypto Kid194 views1 month ago
The Crypto Kid reviews and shares his price prediction about the Matic Network. Matic Network is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, which aims to provide major scalability improvements...

Best Cryptocurrencies of 2019, $1M Bitcoin? Samsung Galaxy Crypto Wallet

Altcoin Buzz239 views1 month ago
Altcoin Daily tells us about his top cryptocurrencies picks, James Altucher predicts that Bitcoin will hit $1 million by 2020.  He explained the reasoning behind his prediction in a rec...

Top Altcoins for May June

Altcoin Daily230 views1 month ago
Altcoin Daily tells us about his top 5 altcoins, which he believes will have the best performance in May. His picks are EOS, Litecoin, Pundi X, Basic Attention Token, and Cardano.

5 Digits Bitcoin Next Year

CNBC Television126 views2 months ago
CNBC hosted Oz Pearlman, a Wall Street mentalist. He believes that we're going to see a 5 digit Bitcoin next year and he also thinks it will reach, or even surpass, $12,000 in the ongoin...

Can Bitcoin Reach $100k This Year?

sunny decree179 views2 months ago
Sunny Decree discusses the possibility of Bitcoin reaching $100,000 this year or in early 2020. He believes that if we could extrapolate the daily parabolic momentum to a weekly or even a monthly...

Cosmos Review and Price Prediction

The Crypto Kid177 views2 months ago
The Crypto Kid reviews and predicts the price of Cosmos. Cosmos is developing a complex network of blockchains that allows users to interoperate with multiple other applications and cryptocurrenc...