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Bitcoin Technical Analysis (Apr 24, 2019) Big Resistance Level Ahead

SkrillaKing229 views1 day ago
SkrillaKings thoroughly analyzes the recent price movements of Bitcoin and tells us where he thinks the price is headed in the near future.

Bitcoin is Digital Gold

Bitcoin News Today279 views2 days ago
Mike Novogratz stated previously he perceives Bitcoin to be digital gold and that at some point it's going to reach the $1 million mark. He predicts that BTC's price will hover aroun...

Short-term Ripple Price Prediction

HueFin News284 views2 days ago
HueFin analyzes Ripple's short-term price movement. He believes that if XRP can't breach through the $0.35 resistance level, it will eventually drop below $0.30.

Enjin Join FIO, Binance Chain Soon Live, Bitcoin ATH Prediction, Unibright Roadmap

Altcoin Buzz289 views6 days ago
Mattie talks about Enjin joining the Foundation for Interwallet Operability and about integrating the FIO Protocol with the Enjin Wallet, to further advance its seamless, intuitive user...

Bitcoin $98 Million Theory

Crypto Zombie140 views1 week ago
K-Dub talks about the delisting of Bitcoin SV on Binance, the Winklevoss and Arthur Hayes AMAs, Tether being accused of minting almost $400 million, and EOS updates. However, the main top...

Paypal Director Expects Bitcoin to Hit $1M in Under a Decade

Altcoin Buzz212 views1 week ago
Wences Casares is the CEO of XAPO as well as the newest member of PayPal’s board of directors. He stated that a single Bitcoin may be worth more than $1 million in 7 to 10 ye...

Most Undervalued Coins at the Moment

The Right Trader199 views1 week ago
Matthew from The Right Trader lists the top 5 most undervalued cryptocurrencies at the moment. They are Stellar Lumens, Neo, Ethereum Classic, Basic Attention Token, and Ravencoin. 

Bitcoin Technical Analysis (Apr 10, 2019), Huge Drop Soon

Haejin Lee292 views1 week ago
Haejin Lee analyzes the latest price movements of Bitcoin and tells us how he expects it to perform in the future. He thinks we will see a significant drop in value soon, which will push the price dow...

Bitcoin Price Charts Without Weekend Data

Alessio Rastani302 views2 weeks ago
Alessio Rastani analyzes the Bitcoin price charts but excludes weekend data. He believes that trading data accumulated during weekdays is more reliable. By analyzing this information he comes to the c...

A Bitcoin Resurgence is Imminent

CNBC Television271 views2 weeks ago
The CNBC Traders explain what is driving the new Bitcoin resurgence. They believe that in a 2-year timeframe we are going to see a big upswing and reach new all-time highs.