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Thoughts on the China Bitcoin Ban, Facebook $1B Startup

Crypto Fiend292 views11 months ago
Crypto Fiend discusses the recent China Bitcoin mining ban and why it could actually end up being a positive for the market. If the ban goes through, Mati Greenspan believes it should push the pr...

Has the Alt Season Started?

Crypto Briefing231 views1 year ago
Kiana Danial discusses if the Alt Season has already begun. Usually, the alt season is led by the Bitcoin rally, but Bitcoin is at a 3-month low dominance wise, while some altcoins surged in valu...

Interview With Mati Greenspan, Market Analyst at eToro

Crypto Zombie165 views1 year ago
K-Dub is interviewing Mati Greenspan, the senior market analyst of eToro. They discuss his take on Bitcoin and the current markets, fundamentals, technicals, and other useful indicators. He also revea...

Interview with Mati Greenspan from eToro

Crypto News Nakamoto Jedi186 views1 year ago
In this video, Stan interviews Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst from eToro. In the video, they talk about the Bitcoin bull run that happened and the reasons why the price fell that much...