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Tim Draper: Fiat Is For Criminals, Bitcoin Is The Future!

Ivan on Tech292 views19 hours ago
In this video, Ivan talks about the recent statement of Tim Draper who said that fiat is for criminals and Bitcoin is the future, no middlemen, no cuts, direct transactions. He also talks about the re...

Jack Dorsey, Lightning Network, Reducing Bitcoin Block Size?

Crypto Daily272 views6 days ago
In this video, Crypto Daily talks about the Lightning Network that is backed by Jack Dorsey. He also talks about reducing the Bitcoin block size, which means higher fees but less expensive n...

Could Bitcoin Price Drop to $1,800?

Crypto Zombie323 views1 week ago
Crypto Zombie talks about some possible reasons for the last Bitcoin price dump and what prices could we see in the future weeks, while he also talks about Kraken's new features, Facebook buying a...

Bitcoin Lightning Network Explained

Young And Investing180 views3 weeks ago
In this video, Young And Investing explains what the Lightning network is, how it works and how fast it has grown. Watch this video to learn more about Bitcoin Lightning network.

Music on Bitcoin, Russia in Crypto

The Modern Investor268 views1 month ago
In this video, The Modern Investor talks about Lightning network, Binance and Kraken CEOs on the recent Cryptopia hack, Bitfury launched on Bitcoin blockchain, DX.Exchange upgrading its platform,...

What is Lightning Network?

CryptoCandor1779 views10 months ago
In this video cryptoCandor explains what is Lightning Network and how it works.