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Interview With the Head of Marketing at Matic Network

iBlock. TV280 views1 year ago
Dushan Spalevich interviews Chandresh Aharwar, the head of marketing at Matic Network. Chandresh talks about Matic, why it is trading so well on Binance, Ethereum and its blockchain, and more. 

Big Lightning Network News, EU Bank Forbidding Its Employees to Hold Crypto!?

Ivan on Tech293 views1 year ago
Ivan discusses the Lightning Network and the news that was announced recently regarding it. Bitfinex is launching Lightning Network deposits and withdrawals. What does that mean for Bitcoin?  ...

What is Blockstream Doing With Bitcoin Core Development

Chico Crypto215 views1 year ago
Many people believe that the company behind Bitcoin Core development is corrupted and is waiting for Bitcoin to become more centralized due to the Lightning network so their partners, which are b...

What Are Lightning Apps?

Filip Martinsson196 views1 year ago
Filip Martinsson explains what are Lightning Apps or Lapp's and how you can build one yourself.

Bitcoin Grinding Higher, Lightning Coming to Amazon, BNB Swap

Crypto Zombie175 views1 year ago
K-Dub comments on the main news stories of the day. He begins with the topic of steadily rising Bitcoin prices and successful smashing of resistance levels. He proceeds to talk abo...

Lightning Network Payments on Amazon

Ivan on Tech167 views1 year ago
Moon is a crypto payment processing startup and creator of a browser extension with the same name, which allows users to pay for goods on Amazon with any lightning network enabled wallet. Moon ac...

Bitcoin Demand at an All-Time High

Crypto Zombie176 views2 years ago
K-Dub talks about the absolutely insane demand for Bitcoin that is going on right now and tries to predict how much are people prepared to pay for it. He also talks about the Grayscale Bitcoin Trus...

FOMO Takeover or a Bear Trap?

Ivan on Tech165 views2 years ago
Ivan talks about the recent spike of Bitcoin and the FOMO settling in. Will the price rise higher or it will drop down? Lightning Network hit a huge milestone in over $5 million in capacity.

Bitcoin Struggling at $4K Resistance Level

Crypto Zombie255 views2 years ago
In this video, K-Dub from Crypto Zombie talks about Bitcoin's latest movement and shares his opinion about the $4k resistance level. He also talks about cryptocurrency capturing $10 Trillion ...

Lightning Network Update: Lightning Loop

Ivan on Tech277 views2 years ago
Lightning Network announced the launch of Lightning Loop Alpha. This initial release focuses on the ability for people to receive with what we call Loop Out. Lightning Loop Out allows users to in...