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Reasons Why Libra Won't Ever Launch

Filip Martinsson283 views5 days ago
Filip Martinsson talks about the reasons that are preventing Libra from launching.

Bitcoin Endgame? Binance Launching Venus

Ivan on Tech287 views1 month ago
Ivan talks about how institutions are gradually realizing that the Bitcoin "endgame" is inevitable. As a consequence, banks have started registering blockchain and crypto pate...

Bitcoin Short Term Recovery, Libra Competitor

sunny decree193 views1 month ago
Sunny decree talks about the recent price movements of Bitcoin and it's short term recovery. Binance is launching an open blockchain project named Venus, which is seen as a rival to Facebook's...

Bitcoin Explodes Back Up, Tether Printing $50M

Crypto Zombie113 views2 months ago
K-Dub analyzes the green markets. Bitcoin keeps widening the gap in its dominance over altcoins. He believes that the recent Bitcoin pump is related to Tether printing new money, and he...

Juventus and PSG Adopt Crypto? Interview With Alexandre Dreyfus

Ivan on Tech210 views2 months ago
The biggest clubs in football are making their own coins, specially designed for fans. Ivan hosts Alexandre Dreyfus, the CEO of Chiliz and together they discuss crypto adoption, Binance, Libra an...

Bitcoin is Free... Freefalling? Libra Ban Incoming?

Ivan on Tech156 views2 months ago
Ivan discusses the huge price volatility of Bitcoin in recent weeks. After that, he moves on to Libra and discusses how the US lawmakers are trying to ban it because they're scared of it.

Libra Promotional Video

Libra Association264 views2 months ago
The official promotion video of Libra.

Federal Reserve Chairman on Libra Concerns

CNBC Television285 views2 months ago
The meeting between the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jay Powell and representatives of Facebook's Libra has raised many concerns. 

Bitcoin Passes Resistance With Ease, Libra Update

Ivan on Tech131 views2 months ago
Ivan discusses how Bitcoin smashed resistance levels with ease and compares it to gold. He also talks about why Bitcoin grows 25x faster compared to traditional assets and then he moves...

Central Banks are Afraid of Libra

SkrillaKing243 views2 months ago
SkrillaKings talks about Libra, why are the governments scared of it and how it could potentially take over the financial sector.