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Kraken First To Offer On Spot and Futures Trades

Bloxlive300 views1 week ago
With the $100 million acquisition of Crypto Facilities, Kraken became the first cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to trade both on spot and futures.  

Could Bitcoin Price Drop to $1,800?

Crypto Zombie323 views1 week ago
Crypto Zombie talks about some possible reasons for the last Bitcoin price dump and what prices could we see in the future weeks, while he also talks about Kraken's new features, Facebook buying a...

Cryptopia Hack, Kraken CEO Issues Warning: Beware of Exchanges!

Ivan on Tech319 views1 month ago
In this video, Ivan talks about the Cryptopia hack and how different exchanges reacted to it. Binance tweeted that people should store assets on exchanges and the CEO of Kraken reacted to it this...