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Tron's Fake Partnerships

Chico Crypto112 views1 week ago
Tyler talks about all of Tron's Justin Sun's past fake partnerships and the way he takes advantage of them for his own good. Check the video to learn more about the topic.

Tron Partners With Liverpool FC, Samsung Blockchain, Satoshi Nakamoto is Angry?

Altcoin Buzz200 views1 month ago
Mattie from Altcoin Buzz brings us the latest news about crypto. At the start of the segment, he talks about the recent VeChain summit and recaps the most interesting things from the event. After...

Ethereum 2.0 Q&A Panel at EDCON 2019

Crypto Finder163 views1 month ago
Ethereum Foundation hosted a Q&A panel at EDCON 2019. Distinguished members on the panel were Vitalik Buterin, Hsiao-Wei Wang, Virgil Griffith, Danny Ryan, and Justin Drake. The group ta...

Justin Sun Giveaway Fiasco

Chico Crypto193 views1 month ago
Justin Sun held a giveaway on Twitter and the main prize was a Tesla car. The first random winner didn't look so random due to a "glitch" in the video which Justin blamed on Twitter and ...

CME Chairman Believes Bitcoin's Finite Supply is a Problem, Snapchat Competitor

Altcoin Daily188 views1 month ago
CME Chairman, Terry Duffy revealed the biggest reason why regulators have been taking so long on Bitcoin is its finite supply. Bittorent Live is launching a new social media and live streaming pl...

Altcoins Finally Delivering on Fundamentals

Crypto Daily105 views1 month ago
Bitcoin might fall below 50% market cap dominance because of the altcoin surge in the last few months. Crypto Daily thinks that's because altcoins finally started to deliver what they promise...

What is Binance Charity About? Part 2

Chico Crypto124 views1 month ago
The 2nd part of Tyler exploring the Binance Charity. In this video, Tyler tracks the wallets and money to see where it went. He starts investigating Justin Sun's donation of $3M and various listin...

Token 2049 Event Coverage With Vitalik Buterin, Justin Sun, Charles Hoskinson and More

CNBC Crypto Trader147 views2 months ago
CNBC Crypto Trader covers the most important parts of the Token 2049 Event. There were a lot of important speakers like Vitalik Buterin, Justin Sun, Charles Hoskinson and news from various high-profil...

Justin Sun about Security and Utility Tokens, Token2049 2019 HongKong Conference

Altcoin Buzz215 views2 months ago
In this video, Nathan and Phillip from Altcoin Buzz attended the Token2049 conference in HongKong. They meet and ask Justin Sun from Tron, as well as many other crypto-personalities, about w...

Justin Sun Expect Crypto to Rally in 2020, Bitcoin Halving and Price Corelation Explained

Ivan on Tech166 views2 months ago
Justin Sun believes that Bitcoin will stagnate in 2019 and make a big move in 2020 due to halving. Ivan explains what halving is, how it works and how the price gets affected by it. He's open...