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CNBC's Interview With Michael Novogratz

CNBC Television339 views1 year ago
Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, was a guest on CNBC's Closing Bell segment. The interview is centered around Bitcoin; especially about what is currently driving its price....

Interview with Charles Hoskinson, Cardano 2020

Ivan on Tech111 views1 year ago
Ivan interviews Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano. They talk about news and upcoming updates for the ADA cryptocurrency, real-world use cases, the future of blockchain and more.

Cryptocurrency Taxes in 2020, Interview with Clinton Donnelly

Ivan on Tech182 views1 year ago
Ivan interviews Clinton Donnelly, a US Tax and Crypto Tax service provider. They talk about the new Bill, taxes, crypto taxes, new tax return form and more.

What is Nexus Crypto?

Ivan on Tech261 views1 year ago
Ivan interviews Colin Cantrell, a core developer on the Nexus team. Nexus is a cryptocurrency which operates on a decentralized network. It incorporates a number of security-oriented features inc...

Interview With the Head of Marketing at Matic Network

iBlock. TV280 views1 year ago
Dushan Spalevich interviews Chandresh Aharwar, the head of marketing at Matic Network. Chandresh talks about Matic, why it is trading so well on Binance, Ethereum and its blockchain, and more. 

Interview with Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken

Ivan on Tech226 views1 year ago
After a long time, Ivan finally manages to interview Jesse Powell, the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken. They talk about the history of Kraken, how it came to be, challenges, state of th...

Dushan Spalevich Interviews John McAfee

iBlock. TV225 views1 year ago
Dushan Spalevich went to Barcelona to meet with John McAfee. Throughout the interview, they talked about various topics regarding cryptocurrency and state governments.

Interviews With Binance Labs, Hashed and Terra

Ivan on Tech273 views1 year ago
Ivan recently traveled to Korea to attend the Korean Blockchain Week event. He conducted a number of interviews with people from Binance Labs, Hashed and Terra. Watch the video to learn about them!

Interview With Kim DotCom

Ivan on Tech260 views1 year ago
Ivan interviews Kim DotCom, an internet icon and creator of Megaupload. They talk about Bitcoin, the Megaupload story, extradition, raid and his newest crypto project - 

Is This the Biggest Scam in the Crypto Space?

Ivan on Tech267 views1 year ago
Ivan interviews Bjorn Bjercke, an expert on scams in the crypto space. They focus on the multi-billion dollar OneCoin, which is one of the longest-running crypto scams, that is still operati...