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Binance IEO Monday's Pump and Dump

Chico Crypto221 views6 months ago
This Monday, all Binance IEOs pumped and dumped at the same time. Was that a coordinated pump and dump? Why did it happen? Watch the video to see Tyler's reasoning.

Roobee Project Review

Altcoin Daily109 views9 months ago
Altcoin Daily reviews the Roobee project. Roobee is an investment service based on blockchain that uses AI and fully transparent statistics to help people make smart investments in digital assets.

Parsiq Review and Interview

Ivan on Tech221 views10 months ago
Ivan reviews the Parsiq project and interviews Anatoly from the Parsiq team. Parsiq brings new solutions to blockchain monitoring and compliance. Parsiq is a universal blockchain parsing and moni...

Ampleforth Review

Ivan on Tech270 views1 year ago
Ivan reviews the Ampleforth project. Ampleforth is synthetic commodity money, with an advanced protocol that uses trusted oracles to obtain accurate and fluid exchange-rate data. This information is t...

Roobee Review

Chico Crypto136 views1 year ago
Tyler from Chico Crypto reviews Roobee. Roobee is an investment service based on blockchain. It uses AI and fully transparent statistics to help people make better investment decisions when trading va...

CryptoCandor Reviews ThunderCore

CryptoCandor205 views1 year ago
In this video, CryptoCandor reviews the ThunderCore project. ThunderCore is a blockchain-based project that is EVM-compatible with a throughput of 1,2K+ TPS, sub-second confirmation times, a...

Top Upcoming IEOs of May

Ivan on Tech176 views1 year ago
Ivan talks about the hype behind IEOs and wonders if we are going to see a repeat of 2017, which was the golden era for ICOs. He reviews various upcoming IEOs, including Vid, Bitstars, Moviebloc, Thun...

Crypto Markets Discussion With Filip

Ivan on Tech165 views1 year ago
Ivan is joined by Filip Martinsson; together they analyze the current state of the crypto market, the IEO craze, and discuss, in general terms, what the future has in store for crypto.

Ethereum 2.0 Q&A Panel at EDCON 2019

Crypto Finder165 views1 year ago
Ethereum Foundation hosted a Q&A panel at EDCON 2019. Distinguished members on the panel were Vitalik Buterin, Hsiao-Wei Wang, Virgil Griffith, Danny Ryan, and Justin Drake. The group ta...

Interview With the CEO of RedFOX Labs

Crypto Zombie208 views1 year ago
K-Dub interviews RedFOX Labs's CEO, Ben Fairbanks.  RedFOX Labs is a blockchain-based tech company, which aims to build successful business models for emerging technology markets. The...