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Novogratz and Pompliano Bullish, IBM Signs 6 Banks to Issue Stablecoins, Tether Update

Ivan on Tech149 views2 months ago
Bitcoin recently raised above $4,000 and Mike Novogratz is feeling bullish again and Pompliano predicts a bigger bull run compared to the last. 6 international banks are going to issue stablecoins on ...

International Banks Issuing Stablecoins on IBM's XLM Service, Visa Joining Crypto

Altcoin Daily159 views2 months ago
On the 18th of March, IBM and Stellar announced that six international banks are planning to issue their own stablecoins on IBM’s Stellar-powered money wiring service. Visa listed a job ope...

Bitcoin Flashbacks? Ripple and Forte Partnership, Online Private Key Storage

Crypto Daily200 views2 months ago
Crypto Daily is having some Vietnam flashbacks from November 2018 on Bitcoin. Are we in the alt-season now? He also covers Ripple entering the gaming industry with their partnership with Forte an...

ETF Withdrawn, tZERO Trading Platform Launched, Tron Beating Bear Market

CNBC Crypto Trader159 views3 months ago
Ran NeuNer talks about the Van Ecks ETF withdrawal and its impact on Bitcoin, then he is joined by Justin Sun who tells us the reasons behind TRON beating the bear market, Ran interviews Patrick ...

SEC Chariman: Ethereum is no Longer a Security, XRP Gaming Fund, IBM Entering Crypto Custody

Altcoin Daily270 views2 months ago
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s chairman has seconded a colleague’s analysis on Ethereum that likely does not qualify as a security. Ripple’s developer ecosys...

Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices on Nasdaq, XRP Coinbase Listing, Cardano Expanding to India, BAT Partnership With TAP Network

Altcoin Daily162 views2 months ago
In this video, Altcoin Daily goes through the news of the day. Nasdaq started listing indices for Bitcoin and Ethereum which will bring more visibility to crypto, Ripple was listed on Coinbase Pro, Ca...

Jesse Lund, Head of Blockchain at IBM Sees Bitcoin Possibly Hitting $1m

Crypto Finder274 views3 months ago
IBM's head of blockchain and digital currencies Jesse Lund discusses World Wire, a remittance platform built on the Stellar blockchain. They also talk about Bitcoin and Jesse predicts that it will...

Binance CEO says Bitcoin volume is 2x due to OTC trading, NEO Future, EOS Arbitration

FUD TV1266 views6 months ago
In this video, FUD TV covers the latest cryptocurrency news including Binance CEO claiming the BTC volume is 2x larger due to the OTC trading. FUD TV also talks about the NEO future, EOS arbitration, ...