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Top 5 Bitcoin Heists

Bitcoin.com194 views3 weeks ago lists the biggest crypto heists (hacks) in history of the cryptocurrency. In total, more than a million Bitcoins were stolen in the 5 largest hacks.

Binance Hack an Inside Job? Marketing Stunt?

Chico Crypto154 views2 months ago
Tyler presents a few interesting theories about the recent Binance hack. He thinks something just doesn't add up. His suspicion is that the hack could actually be an inside job, or even ...

What Can Be Learned From the Binance Hack?

DataDash183 views2 months ago
Nicholas discusses the recent Binance hack in which 7000 Bitcoin were stolen. The Bitcoins were stolen from a hot wallet, where recent deposits are temporarily saved until they are moved to ...

CZ Wanted to Rollback the Bitcoin Blockchain After the Hack

Crypto Daily253 views2 months ago
Bitcoin is successfully avoiding $6,000 but couldn't avoid hackers that attacked Binance. 7,070 BTC were stolen, collectively worth approximately $40 million. CZ wanted to rollback the B...

More Than 7000 BTC Stolen in Binance Hack

Ivan on Tech140 views2 months ago
Ivan talks about the Binance hack, which cost them approximately $40 million. They still don't know how and why the attack happened. As a precaution, they decided to freeze deposits and ...

Changpeng Zhao AMA After Binance Hack, 7000 BTC Stolen

Binance266 views2 months ago
Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, hosted an AMA moments after the security breach on Binance in which approximately 7,000 Bitcoin, worth $40M, were stolen. Other than the breach, Zhao als...

BTC and BNB Analysis, WAVES Flash Crash by 99,9%

Bull & Bear | Cryptocurrency Analysis, News & Education261 views3 months ago
James observes the current state of the market and after that, he proceeds to analyze the recent price movements of Bitcoin and Binance Coin. He believes that Bitcoin may hit $6,000 pri...

Bitcoin Retracing to $4,7k or Hitting $8,4k? VeriBlock Parasitic Towards BTC

Crypto Zombie215 views3 months ago
K-Dub talks about the higher likelihood of Bitcoin retracing back to $4,700, instead of hitting $8,400. Several analysts believe it will retrace after failing to break through the next resis...

Ian Balina Exposed

sunny decree227 views3 months ago
In a previous video, Ian Balina claimed that he got hacked and had his funds stolen. In the same timeframe though, he still managed to receive Mainframe and QuarkChain tokens on the presumably ha...

Ian Balina is Suing for Defamation

sunny decree102 views3 months ago
Ian Balina threatened to sue Sunny Decree for defamation. He accused him of publicly spreading intentionally false, slanderous, and defamatory online materials and requested for the videos to be taken...