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BTC and BNB Analysis, WAVES Flash Crash by 99,9%

Bull & Bear | Cryptocurrency Analysis, News & Education261 views1 week ago
James observes the current state of the market and after that, he proceeds to analyze the recent price movements of Bitcoin and Binance Coin. He believes that Bitcoin may hit $6,000 pri...

Bitcoin Retracing to $4,7k or Hitting $8,4k? VeriBlock Parasitic Towards BTC

Crypto Zombie215 views2 weeks ago
K-Dub talks about the higher likelihood of Bitcoin retracing back to $4,700, instead of hitting $8,400. Several analysts believe it will retrace after failing to break through the next resis...

Ian Balina Exposed

sunny decree227 views1 week ago
In a previous video, Ian Balina claimed that he got hacked and had his funds stolen. In the same timeframe though, he still managed to receive Mainframe and QuarkChain tokens on the presumably ha...

Ian Balina is Suing for Defamation

sunny decree102 views1 week ago
Ian Balina threatened to sue Sunny Decree for defamation. He accused him of publicly spreading intentionally false, slanderous, and defamatory online materials and requested for the videos to be taken...

Famous Crypto Investor got Hacked or Did He Try to Evade Taxes?

sunny decree194 views1 week ago
Sunny Decree discusses Ian Balina who presumably got hacked during his live stream. Several people think he did that on purpose in order to avoid paying taxes.

Bithumb Hacked, Was it an Inside Job?

Filip Martinsson242 views3 weeks ago
Bithumb got hacked again in the span of a year. The attackers stole over 3 million EOS and 20 million XRP in total worth over $21 Million. Bithumb claimed it was an attack from the inside since the as...

April Fools and Some Actual News

Altcoin Daily155 views3 weeks ago
There was a bunch of fake news on April 1st, like Craig Wright not being Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin Cash being the real Bitcoin and some more. Some actual news involves Bakkt, they are still unable to ...

IOTA, Dash, and Cryptopia Hack Updates

Altcoin Buzz183 views1 month ago
In this video, Mattie from Altcoin Buzz talks about the recent updates regarding IOTA, Dash, Cryptopia Hack, and Twitter and Square CEO continue to push for mass adoption of crypto and Bitcoin.

EOS Hacked, $7.3 Million Stolen

Filip Martinsson190 views1 month ago
In this video, Filip Martinsson talks about the hack that happened on the EOS Network and transferred 2.09 Million EOS to a blacklisted account. The hacker was able to obtain access after an...

Coinmama Hacked

Filip Martinsson197 views2 months ago
In this video, Filip Martinsson talks about the recent hack of Coinmama. About 450,000 email addresses and hashed passwords were taken. He says that was part of a larger attack on multiple compan...