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Peter Schiff, Best Bitcoin Buy Indicator? Meme Review

Crypto Daily290 views6 months ago
Crypto Daily reviews a series of memes from Reddit and various other social media platforms. 

Bitcoin Hodlers vs XRP Hodlers

Chico Crypto205 views10 months ago
How picking up girls looks like when you're an XRP hodler.

Fundstrat's Tom Lee Expects Bitcoin to Reach New Highs Later In 2019

CNBC Television219 views11 months ago
Tom Lee discusses the possibility of Bitcoin reaching new highs later in 2019. Despite some turmoil in the global markets, Tom is still bullish on the traditional markets. Bitcoin has lost the inverse...

What Are Crypto Funds?

Ivan on Tech107 views1 year ago
Ivan hosts Matthew Finlayson, the co-founder of Invictus Capital. He explains what's a crypto fund and how it works. He also offers viewers insight into the inner workings...

What is Fungibility and What Threat Does it Pose to BTC

Filip Martinsson171 views1 year ago
In this video, Filip Martinsson talks about the concept of fungibility. He describes what fungibility is, how it works, and how it could eventually contribute to the downfall of Bitcoin...

The International Monetary Fund Enters Crypto

Ivan on Tech286 views1 year ago
The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have jointly launched a private blockchain. The coin is named Learning Coin. The new cryptocurrency was launched in order to better understand blockc...

Best Crypto Investment - Banano

Sergio Gallo255 views1 year ago
Be like John and invest in Banano while it's still low, even Satoshi supports it. Their analyst, Trevon James predicts it to hit a $100M market cap in the near future, and if that didn't get y...

Altcoins Finally Delivering on Fundamentals

Crypto Daily106 views1 year ago
Bitcoin might fall below 50% market cap dominance because of the altcoin surge in the last few months. Crypto Daily thinks that's because altcoins finally started to deliver what they promise...

SEC Chariman: Ethereum is no Longer a Security, XRP Gaming Fund, IBM Entering Crypto Custody

Altcoin Daily270 views1 year ago
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s chairman has seconded a colleague’s analysis on Ethereum that likely does not qualify as a security. Ripple’s developer ecosys...

ROSCA, The New Crowdfunding Platform for Asia

SkrillaKing112 views1 year ago
Eric reviews a new Asian crowdfunding platform called ROSCA, which stands for Rotating Savings and Credit Association.  Watch this video to learn more about ROSCA.