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FED Printed $128 Billion in 2 Days?!

Chico Crypto194 views8 months ago
The FED first printed $53 billion on Tuesday, 17th of September and the next day they issued another $75 billion. In total that amounts to almost half of the cryptocurrency market value. Why did ...

FED Printing Money Yet Again

Crypto Daily134 views8 months ago
The FED printed $53 Billion overnight to save the overnight lending market - Banks lending money to each other. But the amount could rise even higher. Does this have an effect on Bitcoin?

Trump Wants Lower Interest Rates

Ivan on Tech185 views8 months ago
Donald Trump has recently attacked the FED, calling them boneheads and asking for lowered interest rates. How is this going to play out and what does it mean for the economy?

Federal Reserve Bank Doubts Cryptocurrencies Can Challenge Dollar

DataDash204 views1 year ago
Nicholas discusses the recent news covering the crypto space, where FED announced they don't believe cryptocurrencies could challenge the US Dollar, while on the other hand China's millio...