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Social Media Platform Adoption Updates, Twitter Against Craig Wright, Cardano Updates

Crypto Fiend247 views1 week ago
Crypto Fiend brings us up-to-date on the latest news involving cryptocurrencies and the "Big Three" social media platforms consisting of Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. There is an o...

Bitcoin Unable to Break Resistance, China Ban, Facebook Coin News

Crypto Zombie242 views2 weeks ago
K-Dub discusses the new Coinbase cryptocurrency listings, Bitcoin struggling to break resistance, the Super Guppy indicator turning green, China looking to ban Bitcoin mining, Facebook coin, and more.

Facebook Raising Info, Coinbase Listings, Western Union Using Crypto Soon?

Boxmining277 views2 weeks ago
Facebook revealed they are seeking $1 billion of venture capital for their new blockchain project. The reason for not funding the project themselves is to avoid accusations of the project being f...

Thoughts on the China Bitcoin Ban, Facebook $1B Startup

Crypto Fiend292 views2 weeks ago
Crypto Fiend discusses the recent China Bitcoin mining ban and why it could actually end up being a positive for the market. If the ban goes through, Mati Greenspan believes it should push the pr...

Bitcoin Technical Analysis (Mar 30, 2019), Why to Invest in Bitcoin, Facebook Hirings Continue

Altcoin Daily222 views3 weeks ago
Aaron breaks down the recent price movement of Bitcoin, looks at the past movements and talks about the halving that is still more than a year away. He also talks about a recent post on Reddit, where ...

A 1000x Market Cap is Possible, Facecoin to Replace the Dollar

Ivan on Tech150 views4 weeks ago
Tim Draper believes that all Fiat currency could be replaced by crypto and that would bring the total market cap to over $100 trillion. He also said that Blockchain will be larger than the internet be...

Cam Models Using Cryptocurrency, Bitmain Deploying 200,000 Units in China, Facebook Blockchain Recruitment continues

Altcoin Daily102 views1 month ago
Cam girls (models) are starting to accept crypto payment since most major credit cards and payment platforms won’t process payments for adult services, including live-streaming. Bitmain, the ...

Bitcoin and Tether Price Correlation, Celer ICO on Binance, What's Going On With Bakkt?

Crypto Daily155 views1 month ago
Crypto Daily talks about the correlation between Bitcoin's price and Tether's supply, the new Celer ICO on Binance, Barclays predicting Facebook Coin to earn $19 Billion by 2021, when is Bakkt...

Will Facebook's Coin Pose a Threat to Bitcoin?

Louis Thomas290 views1 month ago
There are still not many details on the newly announced Facebook cryptocurrency projects, so Louis Thomas speculates on how it could be used and if it poses a threat to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency or t...

Bitcoin's Value Can Triple if BTC Could Displace even 2% of USD

SkrillaKing233 views1 month ago
Erik talks about what would happen if Bitcoin displaced even 2% of the USD global currency reserves. This would triple Bitcoin's value. On top of that, Erik covers the latest news about ...