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Is XRP Just FOMOing?

Haejin Lee270 views6 months ago
Haejin Lee analyzes the recent price movements of XRP and advises traders to be especially cautious when trading it.

Worst Case Scenario for Bitcoin?

Alessio Rastani266 views7 months ago
Alessio Rastani says that his worst fear regarding Bitcoin has come true. He believes that nobody learned anything about the risk associated with crypto when the last bubble burst. He believes history...

The Quadriga Scandal Continues, Bitcoin FOMO, Ethereum 2.0 Release

Ivan on Tech231 views1 year ago
In this episode of good morning crypto, Ivan covers the Ethereum 2.0 release scheduled for January, Bitcoin in the top 10 currencies in the world and the latest QuadrigaCX scandal.

Max Keiser Believes Bitcoin Will Hit $100,000

Kitco NEWS120 views1 year ago
Max Keiser, the host of the Keiser Report, believes Bitcoin will be worth $100,000 in the near future. The first reason is that Whole Foods and other big names of the corporate world have entered...

FOMO Around the Corner?

Crypto Daily184 views1 year ago
Daily Crypto discusses the main reasons why cryptocurrencies are currently on an upswing. There were some huge announcements made public regarding various coins, such as the Litecoin halving...

Bitcoin $100k in the Next FOMO Wave?

Chico Crypto102 views1 year ago
Tyler discusses whether a $100,000 Bitcoin is possible in the next FOMO wave. He thinks that short time price movements won't affect the next FOMO wave, so the target remains reachable.&...

FOMO Takeover or a Bear Trap?

Ivan on Tech165 views1 year ago
Ivan talks about the recent spike of Bitcoin and the FOMO settling in. Will the price rise higher or it will drop down? Lightning Network hit a huge milestone in over $5 million in capacity.