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Ivan Interviews DX.Exchange CEO and COO

Ivan on Tech212 views1 year ago
Ivan interviews DX.Exchange's CEO and COO at their headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. They discuss why do we need a possibility to buy stocks, derivatives and other assets on the blockcha...

Cryptocurrency Regulations to Help Adoption

Altcoin Buzz129 views1 year ago
Mattie from Altcoin Buzz talks about how cryptocurrency regulations could have a positive impact on the crypto space in general. He also covers the latest news about Enjin partnership, Ripple listing ...

QuadrigaCX Cold Storage Wallets Empty, DX.Exchange Adds ETF

Ivan on Tech300 views1 year ago
QuadrigaCX cold storage wallets were empty months before the death of the CEO. Almost 650,000 ETH worth over $100 million, ware transferred to Kraken, Bitfinex and Poloniex. Watch the video ...

Could Bitcoin Replace Cash?

Crypto Zombie282 views1 year ago
In this video, K-Dub from Crypto Zombie gives a short update on the current market. He also talks about the possibility of the collapse of cash, which could be replaced with Bitcoi...

The Coinbase Fiasco, DX Exchange Review

Crypto Daily212 views1 year ago
Crypto Daily talks about the recent news coming from Coinbase that acquired Neutrino, which helped to spy on citizens, to replace their current providers who were selling customer data to outside sour...

DX.Exchange Makes it Possible to Buy Tokenized Securities with Nasdaq Powered Exchange

Altcoin Buzz333 views1 year ago
In this video, Mattie from Altcoin Buzz talks about the launch of a new Nasdaq powered tokenized stock exchange on Ethereum blockchain, DX.Exchange, where you can buy tokenized stocks of Google, Apple...