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Ivan and DataDash Discuss Bitcoin, Altcoins, Halving and More

Ivan on Tech284 views1 month ago
Ivan hosts Nicholas from DataDash and together they discuss various topics. They focus on Bitcoin, new ATH possibilities, Altcoins, Bitcoin SV, halving and more. 

Are we in a Bullish Bear Market?

Crypto Daily222 views1 month ago
Tone Vays believes we're still in a bear market and that Bitcoin will slide further down in value. However, Crypto Daily points out 4 facts that go against what Tone said. Who do you think is more...

Hottest Altcoin Yet To Be Released! Craig Wright Making A Fool Out Of Himself.

Doug Polk Crypto141 views1 month ago
Doug Polk talks about Craig Wright readin-, I mean writing, the Bitcoin whitepaper and it's privacy content. Also, with Libra launching in 2020, Doug compares it to another currency...

Facebook and Ripple News, Blocknet Review

Crypto Daily271 views2 months ago
Crypto Daily skips the repetitive Bitcoin chart analysis and instead goes straight to the point - Facebook's Libra coin and Ripple's investment in MoneyGram. Also, Craig Wright is getting...

Facebook News, Warren Buffet's Comment on Bitcoin, Craig Wright in Court, McAfee's Game

Altcoin Buzz142 views3 months ago
Mattie talks about Facebook raising funds for their new crypto payment system, Warren Buffet's recent comments on Bitcoin in which he compared the cryptocurrency to a gambling device, Craig W...

Best Performers of the Week, BSV Delistings Continue, Best Crypto Wallets, Rakuten Crypto Adoption

Altcoin Buzz280 views4 months ago
Mattie guides us through the best performers of the week, which are: Lambda,, Tezos, Binance Coin and Basic Attention Token. Bitcoin SV delistings just don't stop as Kraken joins t...

Craig Wright Twitter Scandal Run Down

Chico Crypto232 views4 months ago
In a brief summary, Tyler explains what exactly happened on Twitter that led to the delisting of Bitcoin SV on various exchanges. As we know, it wouldn't be a proper Chico Crypto video withou...

The Punchbag of the Crypto Community, Baer Chain Review

Crypto Daily176 views4 months ago
After he acted like a bully on Twitter, Craig Wright inadvertently brought most of the crypto community together when he repeatedly misrepresented facts and continued to spread false informa...

Bitcoin SV Soon Dead? Market Analysis with DataDash

Ivan on Tech276 views4 months ago
In this episode of Good Morning Crypto, Ivan is joined by DataDash and together they discuss the recent delisting of Bitcoin SV on Binance; Kraken is holding a public poll before it dec...

Bitcoin SV Plummets, Bitcoin Cash Pumps

Crypto Daily145 views4 months ago
After the announcement of the delisting of Bitcoin SV the price started falling quite heavily, on the other hand, however, Bitcoin Cash is still pumping. Is it coincidence or feeding off BSV...