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Corrections Happen Frequently in the Bull Market.

sunny decree224 views2 days ago
Sunny decree looks at previous corrections, which took place in the past Bitcoin bull markets. He finds out that substantial corrections, which span only over a few days are far from uncommon.&nb...

Why a Price Correction is Good for Bitcoin?

Crypto Daily175 views3 weeks ago
Crypto Daily explains why price corrections are in fact good for Bitcoin. However, alts are still doing badly compared to Bitcoin, which prompted Binance to let out a tweet to show their support ...

Bitcoin Technical Analysis (Jun 4, 2019), Bitcoin Drop 10%

DataDash243 views1 month ago
Nicholas from DataDash analyzes the recent price movements of Bitcoin, especially its recent 10% drop in value. After the big surge last month, we may be heading towards a correction.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis (May 21, 2019), $10k and a Short Term Correction?

DataDash162 views1 month ago
Nicholas from DataDash analyzes the recent price movements of Bitcoin. He thinks we could see it reaching $10,000 before a short term correction occurs. Do you agree with his assessment?

1st Time Correction? Meme Review

Crypto Daily247 views1 month ago
Crypto Daily reviews a series of memes from Reddit and various other social media platforms. 

How Low Will Bitcoin Dip?

Crypto Daily151 views3 months ago
Bitcoin technical analysts are torn on where the coin is headed, although we moved out of the 200 days MA many analysts expect a correction. 

Holochain Price Correction?

SkrillaKing279 views5 months ago
In this video, SkrillaKing talks about Holochain, revies the recent price movements, RSI, volume and utilizes the Elliot Wave theory to provide an analysis. He also talks about Holo's project. ...