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The BlockFin Consensus Algorithm

Ivan on Tech190 views2 months ago
Storecoin has invented a leaderless, asynchronous, Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (BFT) consensus algorithm called BlockFin that solves the scalability and decentralization problem of public blockchains. Bl...

Markets Up, Ripple Upgrade, Nasdaq's New Partnership And More

Crypto Zombie1606 views5 months ago
In this video, Crypto Zombie reviews the current news about Bitcoin, Nasdaq and VanEck have announced a partnership, Ripple's new XCurrent upgrade to 4.0, SIRIN Labs' new mobile phone, Korea's blockch...

Consensus Pump Incoming or False Hope?

Crypto Bobby2155 views1 year ago
Crypto Bobby talks about the Coindesk's Consensus event and how it can possibly affect the crypto market.

How Will The Consensus Event Affect Prices? + $20,000 Added To Our Portfolio!

SkrillaKing1961 views1 year ago
SkrillaKing talks about the Coindesk Consensus and how the event may affect the prices in the crypto sapce.