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Bitcoin SV Won't be Traded on Coinbase!

Crypto Zombie300 views4 days ago
Apparently, Bitcoin SV won’t be traded on Coinbase, Dub-K also covers how Dr. Doom trashes JP Morgan Coin, Autonomy possible exit scam, Craig Wright vs JPM Coin, Binance delistings, Venezue...

Positive Market, Neo 2nd Layer Scaling Solution, Substratum Controversy, Coinbase Backing Up Privates Keys On Cloud

Bull & Bear | Cryptocurrency Analysis, News & Education289 views1 day ago
In this video, James analyzes the recent trends in the market, Bitcoin finally finds support and he expects Ethereum and Augur to breakout. He also talks about the recent success of the BNB token and ...

Bitcoin Moving Average, XRP vs JPM, Coinbase Denies BitcoinSV, Binance Delistings

Crypto Daily146 views1 day ago
In this video, Crypto Daily talks about the 200 Week moving average of Bitcoin. The next topic is about the CEO of Ripple saying that the JPM Coin will not affect XRP at all. Coinbase said that they w...

BTC Technical Analysis (Feb 15, 2019), JPM Coin, Coinbase Vulnerability

Bull & Bear | Cryptocurrency Analysis, News & Education124 views4 days ago
In this video, James goes over the latest price trends of Bitcoin. He also looks up various different coins, Binance Coin, Cardano, Ontology, EOS, NAV Coin, Neo and 

Could Bitcoin Price Drop to $1,800?

Crypto Zombie323 views1 week ago
Crypto Zombie talks about some possible reasons for the last Bitcoin price dump and what prices could we see in the future weeks, while he also talks about Kraken's new features, Facebook buying a...

Bearm Market Almost Over, Wrapped BTC

Crypto Zombie161 views2 weeks ago
In this video, Crypto Zombie talks about Binance's partnership with Simplex, TD Ameritrade's statement about investors’ interests having piqued over cheap Bitcoin, the longest ...

Ripple XRP Video Games, Coinbase Donuts, Binance DEX

The Modern Investor214 views3 weeks ago
In this video, The Modern Investor talks about Ripple CEO confirming that games are being built on XRP, Indian government finalizing the crypto regulatory framework, Binance DEX will be...

Coinbase Users still Waiting for Bitcoin SV

Altcoin Buzz244 views1 month ago
Mattie talks about the fresh news about TenXes CEO Julian Hosp leaving TenX, while he also gives the latest on the Coinbase and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision controversy.

Ethereum Classic was a Target of a Double Spending Attack

Altcoin Buzz251 views1 month ago
In this video, Mattie talks about the latest news about the Ethereum Classic 51% attack which was announced by Coinbase. He also covers some of the top news from the past week.

Bitcoin Above $4K

Ivan on Tech265 views1 month ago
In this video, Ivan on Tech talks about the state of the crypto market, exchanges getting requests from law enforcement agencies, censorship on the blockchain, and other. Watch this video to learn ...