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Bitcoin Dump Not Caused by Chinese Ponzi Scheme, Institutional Investors Go For Bitcoin

Crypto Daily257 views3 days ago
Crypto Daily discusses the recent $3 billion Chinese Ponzi scam named PlusToken and the research by the crypto analytics firm TokenAnalyst. The researchers managed to disprove claims that th...

What Are the Next Prospects for Bitcoin?

Crypto Daily119 views1 week ago
Crypto Daily compares the recent Bitcoin rally to the two recent ones from earlier this year. What is next for Bitcoin? Is continues rally for BTC even positive or do we need to see some consolidation...

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Rankings 2019

Boxmining156 views2 months ago
Michael from Boxmining ranks cryptocurrency exchanges from best to worst. Watch the video to find out which exchanges offer the best service to their customers!

Coinbase Visa Card, Bitcoin $20k Again, Crypto is Changing Commercial Banking Landscape

Altcoin Buzz110 views4 months ago
Coinbase is launching a debit card together with Visa. Supported cryptocurrencies at launch will be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. Brian Kelly stated on CNBC News that he has no doubt Bit...

Trump is Helping Bitcoin, Coinbase and Visa News

Altcoin Daily213 views4 months ago
Trump is unknowingly helping Bitcoin by appointing pro-Bitcoin staff in high ranking positions, bashing US Central Bank's financial policies, and by exposing their political biases.  ...

Bitcoin Unable to Break Resistance, China Ban, Facebook Coin News

Crypto Zombie244 views4 months ago
K-Dub discusses the new Coinbase cryptocurrency listings, Bitcoin struggling to break resistance, the Super Guppy indicator turning green, China looking to ban Bitcoin mining, Facebook coin, and more.

Facebook Raising Info, Coinbase Listings, Western Union Using Crypto Soon?

Boxmining277 views4 months ago
Facebook revealed they are seeking $1 billion of venture capital for their new blockchain project. The reason for not funding the project themselves is to avoid accusations of the project being f...

Record Volume on Bitcoin Futures, Coinbase $255 Million Insurance

The Crypto Lark165 views4 months ago
Wall Street is getting serious about Bitcoin. On April 4th, they set a new trading volume record on Bitcoin futures, at approximately half a billion USD. Coinbase revealed the details of their in...

Crypto Weekly Recap (Apr 1-7)

Cointelegraph262 views4 months ago
This edition of Hodler's Digest lists the biggest news of the past week. The hottest topic is, of course, the Bitcoin's surge, which was supposedly triggered by nothing, according to Tone Vays...

Tone Vays Predicts Bitcoin Price to Drop to $1,300

Crypto Fiend221 views4 months ago
In a recent interview, Tone Vays stated that he is still bearish on Bitcoin and believes that in the worst case scenario,  it could drop down to $1,300. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, claims t...