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Bitcoin Golden Cross-ed

sunny decree288 views1 year ago
Bitcoin has crossed the Golden Cross - a candlestick pattern that is a bullish signal in which a relatively short-term moving average crosses above a long-term moving average. The last one was cr...

Most Credible Bitcoin's Price Scenario

Kevin Svenson136 views1 year ago
Kevin Svenson analyzes the recent price movement of Bitcoin. Bitcoin got rejected at the $10,500 resistance levels and has now created a lower low but it's bouncing back from the $9,600 support. T...

The Ballad of the Golden Bull

Running Bull187 views1 year ago
Listen to the ballad of the Golden Bull on the tunes of "The Ecstasy of Gold".

CNBC Fast Money Anchors Bullish on Bitcoin

Altcoin Daily269 views1 year ago
Aaron from Altcoin Daily reviews the CNBC video where all five of the CNBC Fast Money hosts are bullish on Bitcoin. The main narratives for Bitcoin being bullish are: Weak hands are out of the m...

China Started the Bull Run?

Ivan on Tech270 views1 year ago
Major Chinese altcoins started a bull run with up to 30%+ gains. TRON, NEO, Ontology, Qtum, and others have all performed really well in the last couple of days. Ivan goes into detail about ...

Are Indicators Pointing Towards a new Bullish Bitcoin Cycle?

Crypto Daily277 views1 year ago
Which are the bullish indicators that are suggesting the next Bitcoin surge is all but imminent?

Is a $16,000 Bitcoin Possible This Month?

sunny decree180 views1 year ago
Sunny decree looks at 3 possible bullish scenarios for Bitcoin for the month of October. Is it possible for the world's largest cryptocurrency to reach $16,000 this month?

Past Bitcoin Pullbacks

Crypto Daily226 views1 year ago
Crypto Daily takes a look at Bitcoin pullbacks during previous bullruns. 

Parabolic Run on the Horizon

Chico Crypto200 views2 years ago
Tyler from Chico Crypto goes through the past parabolic runs of Bitcoin. Based on past runs he tries to predict the final value of the new all-time high and comes to the conclusion it would ...

Bitcoin Smashed $12,000, Bull Market Flags

Ivan on Tech263 views2 years ago
Ivan talks about Bitcoin detaching from altcoins and how this is actually the beginning stage of a bull market. There is also a lot of positive news regarding Bitcoin and $30,000 price point&nbsp...