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Brave Browser Tutorial

Altcoin Daily238 views3 months ago
Altcoin Daily showcases how to use the Brave browser and how to earn Basic Attention Tokens while watching adds.

Switch to Brave Browser Soon?

Crypto Daily293 views3 months ago
Google is going to restrict the use of ad-blockers in its Chrome browser in one of its future updates. Does this mean that people will switch to Brave browser which offers an inbuilt ad...

Fidelity Digital Assets Service Update, Brave Second Phase Begins, eToro Adopting xRapid?

Altcoin Daily120 views6 months ago
There are three major news pieces discussed in the video. Fidelity’s cryptocurrency subsidiary named Fidelity Digital Asset Services is nearing a full launch and will support only Bitcoin a...

Media Portrayal of Bitcoin, Brave Browser CEO Interview

Altcoin Daily256 views6 months ago
Through the years, after each price correction, the media portrayed Bitcoin as dead, without any value etc. And they have been wrong every time, Bitcoin reached new highs varying from 5x to 16x c...

Is Bitcoin Just an Accumulation Game?

Crypto Zombie286 views6 months ago
K-Dub talks about the recent Bitcoin drop, and what to expect next. He also covers the latest from the Hyperwave theory, Germany follows Russia with crypto strategy, BTC obituaries, users deleting Coi...

Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices on Nasdaq, XRP Coinbase Listing, Cardano Expanding to India, BAT Partnership With TAP Network

Altcoin Daily162 views6 months ago
In this video, Altcoin Daily goes through the news of the day. Nasdaq started listing indices for Bitcoin and Ethereum which will bring more visibility to crypto, Ripple was listed on Coinbase Pro, Ca...

Constantinople  Delay, Binance Crypto/Fiat, Brave Update

Crypto Zombie264 views8 months ago
In this video, Crypto Zombie talks about analysts' opinion on Bitcoin price and market circles, Cryptopia hack, Binance CEO criticized over a tweet, Binance Jersey, Ledger Nano S update,...

Ether Delta Founder fined for $400,000 / BAT Listed on Coinbase & Enigma Update

Altcoin Buzz1703 views10 months ago
In this video, Mattie covers the latest cryptocurrency news including BAT getting listed on Coinbase, EthereDelta founder fined for $400,000 by the SEC, and the latest Enigma project update.

BAT: How Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token crypto can fix the internet!

FUD TV1638 views1 year ago
In this video FUD TV talks about Basic Attention Token (BAT). BAT aims to revolutionize the internet advertising and make the advertising more user friendly and rewarding for the users.