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IOTA Network Shuts Down, XRP Collapses on BitMEX

Ivan on Tech177 views1 year ago
IOTA had to shut down their network and the reason behind it was a suspicious activity with the Trinity wallet.  Another pretty bad event took place on the BitMEX exchange, where XRP suffered a f...

Why is Leverage Trading Concerning?

Crypto Daily300 views1 year ago
  Crypto Daily talks about Bitcoin leverage trading on various exchanges like BitMEX, ByBit, Bitfinex, etc. and how this affects new and already established traders.

Short Term Outlook Bearish for Bitcoin, Top BitMEX Trader Predicts $6,000 BTC Soon?

Chico Crypto248 views1 year ago
Tyler remained bearish on Bitcoin over the weekend and is continuing to be bearish in the short term. A top trader on BitMEX thinks BTC could fall down to $6,000 and Chico believes that could ver...

BitMEX Doxxed?

Ivan on Tech252 views1 year ago
Ivan talks about the recent mailing sent out by BitMEX that exposed thousands of email addressed of its users. What are the possible consequences for users that had their personal information lea...

BitMex Trader Spotted - Meme Review

Crypto Daily186 views1 year ago
Crypto Daily reviews a series of memes from Reddit and various other social media platforms. 

BitMEX Manipulation Getting Stronger

Chico Crypto238 views1 year ago
BitMEX liquidations are getting out of hand and Tyler wonders why they are so frequent. Is an exit scam coming soon and they are just trying to make as much money as quickly as they can?

Bitcoin Endgame? Binance Launching Venus

Ivan on Tech287 views1 year ago
Ivan talks about how institutions are gradually realizing that the Bitcoin "endgame" is inevitable. As a consequence, banks have started registering blockchain and crypto pate...

Beef Between Nouriel Roubini and Arthur Hayer

BitMEX108 views1 year ago
The Tangle in Taipei held a debate between Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX and Nouriel Roubini, economist and NYU professor. The debate got heated right away as Rubini accused BitMEX of liquidating its cu...

BitMEX Red Flags

Ivan on Tech265 views2 years ago
Ivan discusses BitMEX, it's future and leverage platforms. He believes there are some significant red flags about the exchange and gives his opinion on what will happen to the exchange.

A Whale Started the Crash?

Chico Crypto259 views2 years ago
Tyler from Chico Crypto believes a single whale bears responsibility for the latest crash. Interestingly, the market downturn started with the sell-off of 15,000 Ethereum on BitMEX, which he...