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Managing Director of Grayscale Talks About Bitcoin

CNBC Television216 views11 months ago
Michael Sonnenshein, the managing director of Grayscale, joined the Power Lunch team to discuss Bitcoin. The questions revolved around investing in BTC, why are investors coming to Grayscale instead o...

Bitcoin ETF Getting Closer

CNBC Television236 views1 year ago
Matt Hougan from Bitwise Investments shares his talks with the SEC. As the ruling on Bitcoin ETF is approaching soon, Matt remains positive.

When Will the US War Against Bitcoin Stop?

Crypto Daily291 views1 year ago
Crypto Daily talks about the current state of Bitcoin. He believes BTC is not in the best of shape and is convinced it hit its intermediary high before it will start falling some more. He also ta...

Bitcoin ETF Withdrawn Yet Again

sunny decree177 views1 year ago
VanEck has withdrawn the Bitcoin ETF, which means there will be no review of it this year. On a positive note, altcoins are waking up and are starting to regain some value compared to Bitcoin.

What's Going On With Bitcoin, SEC and the ETF?

Crypto Daily211 views1 year ago
Crypto Daily talks about the recent news regarding Bitcoin and its ETF, SEC, and institutional adoption.

Jay Clayton, SEC Chairman on the Bitcoin ETF

CNBC Television138 views1 year ago
CNBC hosted an interview with Jay Clayton, the Chairman of the SEC and one of the topics was the Bitcoin ETF. Watch the video to learn more!

Bitcoin ETF on the Horizon

sunny decree145 views1 year ago
The chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton, said that progress is being made in the crypto space to allow a Bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin is Almost There

Crypto Daily110 views1 year ago
Crypto Daily might have to redraw his two weeks chart given the way Bitcoin is moving at the moment. Is the Bitcoin ETF going live launching the price into orbit?

News About the Bitcoin ETF

Ivan on Tech206 views1 year ago
Ivan talks about the news about the Bitcoin ETF, which was announced on Tuesday by VanEck Securities and SolidX Management, Norwegian exchange and more.

ETF Decision Soon, BTC $10K?

Crypto Daily295 views1 year ago
The VanEck ETF decision is due tomorrow. If it gets approved, will we see Bitcoin skyrocket to $10,000 right away?