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Bitcoin Endgame? Binance Launching Venus

Ivan on Tech287 views1 day ago
Ivan talks about institutions realizing that the Bitcoin "endgame" is inevitable, banks are creating blockchain patents and crypto patents. He also discusses the BitMEX and Bitfinex tro...

Bitcoin Short Term Recovery, Libra Competitor

sunny decree193 views2 days ago
Sunny decree talks about the recent price movements of Bitcoin and it's short term recovery. Binance is launching an open blockchain project named Venus, which is seen as a rival to Facebooks Libr...

Is Bitcoin About to Explode Amid Fiat Currency Crisis?

Crypto Daily137 views1 week ago
Fiat currencies are in a crisis, especially Asian ones. Is the Chinese Yuan going to collapse? Altcoins are in a crisis as well if you look at the charts in Bitcoin price, although alts are holdi...

Juventus and PSG Adopt Crypto? Interview With Alexandre Dreyfus

Ivan on Tech210 views1 month ago
The biggest clubs in football are making their own coins, specially designed for fans. Ivan hosts Alexandre Dreyfus, the CEO of Chiliz and together they discuss crypto adoption, Binance, Libra an...

Why a Price Correction is Good for Bitcoin?

Crypto Daily175 views1 month ago
Crypto Daily explains why price corrections are in fact good for Bitcoin. However, alts are still doing badly compared to Bitcoin, which prompted Binance to let out a tweet to show their support ...

New Yearly High for Bitcoin, Cardano, Maker, Binance News

Altcoin Buzz103 views1 month ago
Billy from Altcoin Buzz talks about the surge in price for Bitcoin and hitting a new yearly high. Cardano launched staking testnet with the Shelley upgrade, MEW integrated MakerDAO, Binance DEX listed...

Binance DEX Blocking US Users

Crypto Daily173 views2 months ago
Binance DEX is currently geo-blocking their US users but will soon launch an exchange made just for them.

More Bitcoin Dips on the Way? Binance and McAfee News

Altcoin Buzz140 views2 months ago
Mattie from Altcoin Buzz talks about the recent plunge in the price of Bitcoin and the reason behind it. He wonders whether this will be the last dip or will we see more. In other news, Binance i...

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Rankings 2019

Boxmining156 views2 months ago
Michael from Boxmining ranks cryptocurrency exchanges from best to worst. Watch the video to find out which exchanges offer the best service to their customers!

Crypto Manipulation Class

Crypto Daily294 views3 months ago
Fiat Daily explains exactly how is crypto being manipulated with specific terms, such as: stop loss, spoofing, "butt" order for buying "ass"-ets, and more.