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When Will the Bear Market Finish?

Ivan on Tech254 views2 months ago
Ivan discusses the current state of the market and why we're not seeing signs of a bull market just yet. After that, he discusses quantum computing and whether it threatens crypto.

Long Term Bitcoin and Crypto Prediction

Credible Crypto172 views3 months ago
Credible Crypto makes a long term prediction about the crypto market and draws some parallels with the dotcom bubble. He says that cryptocurrencies haven't yet experienced a real bear market, beca...

Bitcoin Saying 'No' to the Bear Market!

Crypto Daily132 views6 months ago
Is it time to put faith in altcoins or is it better to remain a Bitcoin maximalist? Crypto Daily delves into the topic.

Are we in a Bullish Bear Market?

Crypto Daily222 views9 months ago
Tone Vays believes we're still in a bear market and that Bitcoin will slide further down in value. However, Crypto Daily points out 4 facts that go against what Tone said. Who do you think is more...

Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Doing Well

Crypto Daily290 views10 months ago
Crypto Daily lists the reasons behind Bitcoin's growth in the last few months. The foremost reasons are the ongoing trade war between USA and China and major shops accepting BTC at ...

How Close is the Bull Run?

Chico Crypto182 views11 months ago
Tyler from Chico Crypto discusses the Bitcoin bull run. Judging by the increased trading volume it might be closer than we anticipated, however, that might be just a small rally amidst the prolonged b...

The Bearish Trend Line Snapped

Cointelegraph196 views11 months ago
Mati Greenspan of eToro believes the bearish trend has finally snapped and we are going to enter a new bull market if Bitcoin manages to break through the $5,350 and $6,300 resistance levels.

Should I Buy Back Song

1thousandx245 views11 months ago
Is it time to buy back? Is the bear market over? Is my wife coming back? Who knows, but in the meantime, listen to this masterpiece.

Bitcoin got Rejected

Crypto Daily135 views11 months ago
Bitcoin got rejected at the $5,200 resistance level, while some altcoins are still popping off. Is Bitcoin still bearish while altcoins left that market and are bullish?

Bitcoin Cash Just a Corrective Rally?

Crypto Daily110 views11 months ago
Crypto Daily argues that the big jump of Bitcoin Cash in value was just a correction because it had a really bad 2018. Bitcoin surge might be due to OTC running out and we still might be in a Llama ma...