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European Banks Have to Modernize

Ivan on Tech296 views1 day ago
Ivan talks about the current situation of the European Banks which looks grim. He believes that they have to modernize and use current technologies.

Central Banks are Afraid of Libra

SkrillaKing243 views1 month ago
SkrillaKings talks about Libra, why are the governments scared of it and how it could potentially take over the financial sector.

European Banking Crisis, Bitcoin $100k Bubble?

Ivan on Tech289 views1 month ago
Ivan addresses the problem of various European banks nosediving in value and how this trend could affect Bitcoin. Also, Christine Lagarde, who is very crypto-friendly, has been nominated to ...

Banks Need Your Money to Stay Open! Brienne is Happy About Bitcoin

Crypto Daily153 views3 months ago
Crypto Daily receives a gift box from UTEX and checks its content. After that, he proceeds to check the recent performance of Bitcoin, which makes Brienne smile and can be (half-jokingl...

The International Monetary Fund Enters Crypto

Ivan on Tech286 views4 months ago
The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have jointly launched a private blockchain. The coin is named Learning Coin. The new cryptocurrency was launched in order to better understand blockc...

Coinbase Visa Card, Bitcoin $20k Again, Crypto is Changing Commercial Banking Landscape

Altcoin Buzz110 views4 months ago
Coinbase is launching a debit card together with Visa. Supported cryptocurrencies at launch will be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. Brian Kelly stated on CNBC News that he has no doubt Bit...

Bitwala Interview With Dushan Spalevich

iBlock. TV294 views4 months ago
Dushan interviews the CFO of Bitwala, Christoph Iwaniez. Bitwala is a blockchain banking service based in Berlin. Bitwala allows buying and selling cryptocurrencies directly from bank accounts, they o...

Cryptocurrencies in Central Banks

DataDash263 views4 months ago
In this video, Nicholas from DataDash talks about how central banks could implement cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in their business model.

Central Banks Defining Markets?

DataDash198 views5 months ago
In this video, Nicholas from DataDash talks about how Central Banks are affecting the cryptocurrency markets and what is their role. Watch this video to learn more about central banks and the crypt...

Novogratz and Pompliano Bullish, IBM Signs 6 Banks to Issue Stablecoins, Tether Update

Ivan on Tech150 views5 months ago
Bitcoin recently raised above $4,000 and Mike Novogratz is feeling bullish again and Pompliano predicts a bigger bull run compared to the last. 6 international banks are going to issue stablecoins on ...