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Altseason, Bitcoin Bull Market, Both or Neither?

Crypto Daily204 views6 months ago
Bitcoin hasn't had a month as good as the past one in a long time, but altcoins are not slouching far behind. So in which market are we currently in? Watch the video to see Crypto Daily's expl...

Bitcoin Hit Bottom? Googlbe Bank, Ethereum Istanbul Update

Ivan on Tech230 views8 months ago
Ivan talks about three main topics today: Bitcoin bottoming out, the Google Bank launch and the Ethereum Istanbul update. The most interesting story might be the Google Bank project - Cache, a ch...

Bitsonar Trading Bot Review

Crypto Fiend326 views9 months ago
Crypto fiend tried out the Bitsonar trading bot. Watch his in-depth review!

Bitcoin Price Analysis, BTC Bottom Targets

Haejin Lee129 views10 months ago
Haejin Lee takes a look at the hourly Bitcoin price chart and tries to deduce what's BTC's theoretical bottom.

There is Room for Both Gold and Bitcoin

DataDash172 views11 months ago
Nicholas Merten analyzes the recent price movements of Bitcoin at the start of the video. After that, he proceeds to discuss the topic of Gold vs Bitcoin and explains why there is room for both.

Three Key Indicators Showing Bitcoin Is Bottoming

DataDash122 views1 year ago
In this video, Nicholas from DataDash talks about the three major indicators that are showing Bitcoin is bottoming out.

Bitcoin in the Dumps? Cryptopia Resumes Trading, XRP Army is Full of Bots, Stores Accepting Crypto

Altcoin Daily171 views1 year ago
Wall Street Journal posted an article that bashes Bitcoin, saying it is in the dumps and it spreads gloom over the crypto world, while the term "Buy Bitcoin" spikes on the google search. Cry...

Bitcoin Volume Analysis, Have we Bottomed?

Altcoin Daily184 views1 year ago
Aaron analyzes the increase in Bitcoin trading volume, discusses if it is legit or fake, and compares it to previous bear and bull markets.

Bitcoin Still Not Hitting Bottom? Top 3 Altcoins

MMCrypto189 views1 year ago
In this video, MM Crypt0 is joined by DavinciJ15 and they discuss the recent Bitcoin price trends and that it might not have hit bottom yet, and that may happen in June. They also talk about the best ...

Has Bitcoin Reached its Bottom, or are we Gonna See Another Dump?

Crypto Zombie159 views1 year ago
In this video, K-DUB talks about the possibility of Bitcoin's price to drop after the recent pump while he also talks about the similarity with the gold chart, which could mean that we reached the...