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Coinmama Hacked

Filip Martinsson197 views4 days ago
In this video, Filip Martinsson talks about the recent hack of Coinmama. About 450,000 email addresses and hashed passwords were taken. He says that was part of a larger attack on multiple compan...

Amaury Sechet: "I am Satoshi Nakamoto"

Bloxlive134 views1 week ago
Amaury Sechet, a Bitcoin ABC developer tweeted out that he is Satoshi Nakamoto and posted a wallet address which should prove that he is telling the truth. Craig Wright got angry over that and said th...

DigiByte Interview About Binance Listing Drama

Ivan on Tech210 views1 week ago
In this video, Ivan hosts an interview with Josiah Spackman from DigiByte. The interview revolves around the Binance listing drama that happened with DigiByte, Josiah said Binance wanted to ...

Binance CEO AMA on Twitter, $100K Coin Listing Fee?

Binance230 views1 week ago
Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Twitter. The main topics were about the Binance Chain and how will the coin listing work on their Decentralized Exchange. He said ...

Ripple's Partner MUFG is Bringing Blockchain to the Olympics in Tokyo 2020

SkrillaKing241 views4 weeks ago
SkrillaKing talks about Ripple's largest partner MUFG, the worlds 5th largest bank, who is also partnering with Akamai to bring blockchain and digital currency to the world at the Tokyo Olympic Ga...

Top 5 Investment Strategies for 2019

Altcoin Buzz134 views1 month ago
Mattie talks about the different ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. He gives his opinion about the top 5 strategies that users should consider for investing in this year. He also covers some of the l...

EOS AMA About BlockProducers, Gambling dApps and Much More

Cypherglass167 views1 month ago
In this video, Cypherglass is joined by David Packham who is a part of the EOS42 team and Chintai Team. The questions are centered about various topics, such as the new EOS Blockchain Chintai, Block P...

Charles Hoskinson AMA (Jan 15, 2019)

Charles Hoskinson303 views1 month ago
In this video, Charles Hoskinson has an Ask Me Anything (AMA).

EOS AMA with EOS New York

Cypherglass286 views2 months ago
Cypherglass hosts an EOS AMA with a member of the EOS New York team  - Kevin Rose. They talk about EOS in general, answer to submitted questions via twitter and talk about fut...


Cypherglass1107 views2 months ago
In this Cypherglass video, Robert Finch answers the 40+ questions submitted on Twitter for the EOS AMA. Watch this video to learn more about EOS and its future projects.